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Creative Labs CD5222E 52x Infra IDE Internal CD-ROM with Remote Control

Part# 840506

Creative Labs CD5222E 52x Infra IDE Internal CD-ROM with RemoteControl

Creative Labs CD5222E 52x Infra IDE Internal CD-ROM with RemoteControl

Creative Labs CD5222 iNFRA52X AudioXcel drive has a built-in intellignet control that constantly checks for errors when reading the audio tracks. When an error is detected (e.g. due to scratches), the drive automatically switches to a lower speed, allowing it to read the data more accurately, hence producing clean and clear tracks without any pops and crackles. By adjusting the ripping speed to Normal mode, Creative iNFRA52X AudioXcel drive can then playback and rip the "bad" audio CDs that many other drives cannot perform. A unique feature of this drive is the infrared receiver on its front panel. The receiver allows you to control the drive and some system applications via the Creative iR2000 remote control.


  • Creative iNFRA52X AudioXcel Drive Gives You Quality Ripping
    Creative iNFRA52X AudioXcel drive is specially designed to play audio tracks crisply and cleanly, eliminating the 'pops' and 'crackles' in the playback of the ripped files. Even if the audio CD is covered with slight fingerprints, scratches, stains or has deteriorated with time, Creative iNFRA52X AudioXcel drive can play without any distortion to the music.
  • Blazing 20X Play Speed (Turbo mode)
    While other drives in the market play your audio tracks at a slow 4X or 8X speed, Creative iNFRA52X AudioXcel drive gives you a blazing 20X (max) playing speed in turbo mode. In short, this drive plays your audio CDs in a flash!
  • Built-in Intelligent Control for the Best Quality Play at Optimum Speed
    Most drives play tracks at a fixed speed without performing any error checks. This can compromise the quality of the source during extraction, causing "noise" during playback.


  • Maximum data transfer rate of 7,800KB/second (52X).
  • Maximum digital audio extraction (DAE) rate of 3,000KB/second (20X).
  • 85ms average random access time.
  • 128KB cache.
  • Front panel headphone jack, volume control, busy indicator, stop/eject button.
  • Front-loading, motorized tray design.
  • Internal design.
  • Enhanced IDE interface for increased performance.
  • Supported disc formats include: CD Audio, CD-ROM, CD-ROM XA, CD-I, Photo CD,
    Video CD, CD Extra, CD-RW, and CD-R.
  • Supports DMA (direct memory access) mode for faster transfer rates and decreased
    CPU utilization.
  • Contents included : Creative Labs CD5222E 52x Infra IDE Internal CD-ROM Drive, Audio Cable, Ribbon Cable, Remote Control, Batteries, driver, and Installation Guide.
  • New OEM drive, One year warranty.

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