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USB CD-RW CD Writers/CD Re-Writers

The CD Writers mentioned below do not come with CD writing software unless it says otherwise. If they have software for Mac or PC or Unix systems, they say so.  If the cd writer mentioned here does not include software, you can always add that to your order from the selection given below.


USB CDR/CDRW Specifications

Part #

Price $

Acer 4406EU-002 4x write (CD-R), 4x re-write (CDRW), 6x read (CD). USB connection for laptop and desktop systems. Comes with CD writing software. Refurbished, 90 day warranty. 847181 $149
Archos Mini CDRW 500090 24 x Read, 8 x write, 4 x re-write. Supports both USB and PCMCIA connections. Hot swap and plug and play on virtually any PC or Apple Macintosh. Comes with CD Mastering software. Ideal for those who need a light portable cd writer. One year warranty. 847101 $320
HP Surestore CD-RW 8200e Rewritable. 4x4x6. Comes with CD writing Software. 841721 $287
Mitsumi CD-RW 4802TU Portable Writing Speed: 600 KB/s (4X speed),ReWrite Speed: 300 KB/s (2X speed), Reading Speed: 1,200 KB/s (8X speed). Compact External Case and USB Connection to Desktop and Laptop Computers 847190 $287
Sony Spressa CRX100E/X2 4x Recording (CD-R), 4x Recording (CD-RW), 6x Reading (Max.) CD creation software for both Macintosh and Windows systems. 847170 $357
TEAC CDW54E/USB 4x4x32. Includes Adaptec Easy CD Creator and Direct CD Software. 847180 $277
CD-Writing Software
Unix Users - Hi-CD CD-Writing Software If you are using a Unix system, you can select any of the SCSI CD-Writers but you need to have the Hi-CD CD-Writing Software by Creative Digital Research. 251050 $1160
Mac users - Adaptec TOAST You can use any of the SCSI CD-Writers but you need to have the Adaptec TOAST software for Mac. Only the Yamaha drives come with the Mac software bundled. For all others, you need to add this software. 251055 $90
PC users - Adaptec EZ CD creator You can use any of the SCSI, IDE or Printer Port CD-Writers but you need to have the Adaptec EZ CD creator software or any other similar sofware. For PC. 251060 $90


SCSI Controller Cards

Cables and Connectors

CD-ROM Media & Blank Cartridges

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