BenQ CRW-4816P 48x16x48x IDE CD-RW Drive

Part# 843008


BenQ CRW-4816P 48x16x48x IDE CD-RW Drive


BenQ CRW-4816P 48x16x48x IDE CD-RW Drive 

Introducing the first 48x CD-Rewriter - BenQ uses it's Seamless Link technology to pioneer a drive that burns through a CD at 7.2mb/sec. With an enhanced Anti-Vibration and audio playback system, the 4816P has what it takes to meet the demands of any mission critical application - at work or at play.

Key Features

  • 48X Writing, 16X Rewriting, 48X Reading
  • Seamless Link technology!
  • 2Mb buffer size
  • Flash memory/upgrade system
  • E-IDE/ATAPI interface
  • Anti-Vibration system
  • Play/Skip function button on the front panel
  • Emergency eject
  • Dust protection design
  • Power-saving function
  • Recording software - Ahead Nero
  • Compatible with Windows 2000/95/98/NT 4/ME/XP


Model Name 4816P
OS Compatibility Win95/98, NT4, 2000, ME, XP
Data rate/write: 7200 KB/sec (48x), Data rate/rewrite: 2400 KB/sec (16X), Data rate/read: maximum 7200 KB/sec (48X).
Access time 100 ms, typical
Interface E-IDE/ATAPI
Buffer Size 2 Mbytes
Writing Mode Disc-at-once, Track-at-once, Session-at-once, Multisession, Packet writing, Raw writing.
Disc Size 80 mm and 120 mm CD discs
Disc Formats CD-R, CD-RW, CD-ROM (mode1 and mode 2), CD-ROM XA (mode 2, form 1 and form 2),
CD-DA, Bootable CD, Photo CD (single- and multi-sessions), Video CD, CD-Extra, Mixed mode CD, CD-text
Audio Performance Signal-to-noise ratio:  75 dB min.
Number of stereo channels:  2
Distortion:  less than 2%
Analog audio line output:  0.35 V at 47 Kohms
Analog headphone output:  0.47 V at 32 ohms
Sampling frequency:  44.1 KHz
Power Requirement DC 5 Vą5%, Maximum 1.9 A
DC 12 Vą5%, Maximum 1.5 A
Environment Conditions Operating temperature: 5 0C~40 0C (410F~1040F) at humidity of 50% RH
Non-operating temperature: -20 0C~60 0C (-4 0F~140 0F)
Non-operating humidity: 20%~90% RH

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