Samsung SW-252BEN 52x24x52x IDE
CD-RW Drive

Part# 844508


Samsung SW-252BEN 52x24x52x IDE CD-RW Drives, CD-Burners


Samsung SW-252BEN 52x24x52x IDE CD-RW Drive

The Samsung SW-252BEN 52x24x52x IDE CD-RW Drive offers not only strong capabilities of reading, recording, and rewritng media, but also adopting a technology to eliminate ruined discs caused by Buffer Under Runs. The SW-252BRNS performance records up to 700MB of data per disc and utilizes the ANSI standard multimedia command set for maximum compatibility with software applications.


  • Write (CD-R) 52X, Rewrite (CD-RW) 24X, Read (CD) 52X
  • Adopting a technology to prevent Buffer Under run error
  • Supporting high speed CD-RW disc
  • Supporting variable packet CD-R, variable and fixed packet CD-RW read and write


  • Recording Capacity: CD-RW Disc 650 MB (TYPE 74) CD-R Disc 700/650/550 MB (TYPE 80/74/63)
  • Interface: EIDE / ATAPI
  • Supported Disk: CD-R/RW, CD-ROM, CD-DA, CD-ROM/XA, Video-CD, CD-I, Photo CD, CD-Extra, CD-Text
  • Buffer Memory: 8MB
  • Flash Memory: 512KB
  • Drive Mounting: Horizontal/Vertical
  • Data Transfer Rate: Record 52 X (7,800KB/sec), Rewrite 24 X (3,600KB/sec), Read 52 X(7,800KB/sec)
  • Writing Method: DAO(Disc At Once), TAO(Track At Once), SAO (Session At Once), Multi Session, Packet Writing Packet Writing (Fixed Packet)
  • System Requirements :
    • Hardware: IBM PC compatible
    • CPU: Pentium II 266MHz or above
    • OS: Windows 95/98, NT 4.0, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP
    • RAM: 64MB or above
    • HDD: 1GB or above
  • Includes Nero CD-burning Software.
  • New, Bulk. (OEM Bare Drive)
  • One year warranty.

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