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Sony CRX 175A1 24x10x40x CD-RW

Part# 844607


Sony  CRX175A/A1 24x10x40x CD-RW


Sony CRX 175A1 24x10x40x CD-RW - Overview

The Sony CRX 175A1 24x10x40x Internal CD-RW records up to 700MB of data or 80 minutes of music. With powerful performance at 24x/10x/40x max., a full CD can be recorded in approximately 4 minutes! Plus, Power-Burn™ buffer underrun protection technology allows for worry-free recording. Sony CRX 175A/A records all popular CD formats,  including CD TEXT. It is equipped with an industry-standard EIDE (ATAPI) interface for easy installation.
Key Features :
Interface: EIDE (ATAPI)
Transfer Rates: 24x Write (CD-R) / 10x ReWrite (CD-RW) / 40x Read
Random Access Time: 110ms
Formatted Capacity: 700MB
Buffer: 2MB
Loading Mechanism: Motorized Tray
Media/Modes Supported: CD-Digital Audio, CD Extra, CD Text, CD-ROM (Mode 1), CD-ROM XA (Mode 2, Form 1 and 2), CD-I (Mode 2, Form 1 and 2), Photo CD (multi-session), Enhanced CD, UDF, Video CD (MPEG-1), Karaoke CD.
System & Other 
Pentium II 400Mhz or faster PC running Windows 95/98SE/2000/ME.
1 GB free hard drive disk space.
Hard disk drive with <12ms average access time and sustained transfer rate of at least 2.0 MB/sec.
Busmastering EIDE connection.
Direct-X supported sound card.
Open 5.25" drive bay.
Supported Desktop OS Platforms Windows 95/98SE/2000/ME.
Condition Refurbished, 90-days warranty.
Transfer Rate:
Sustained Transfer Rate: 6,000 kB/s Mode 1 (40X reading max.)
3,600 kB/s Mode 1 (24X CD-R write)
1,500 kB/s Mode 1 (10X, CD-R & CD-RW write/read)
600 kB/s Mode 1 (4X, CD-R & CD-RW write/read)
300 kB/s Mode 1 (2X, CD-R & CD-RW write/read)
Burst Transfer Rate: 16.7 Megabytes per second (PIO Mode 4)
16.7 Megabytes per second (Multiword DMA Mode 2)
Random Access Time: 110 ms (Avg., including latency)
Read / Write Speed: Write (CD-RW discs): 4X, 8X, 10X Max.
Write (CD-R discs): 4X, 12X, 16X CLV, 16 - 24X Z-CLV Max.
Read (CD): 40X Max.
Buffer Memory: 2 MB with Power-Burn™ Technology
MTBF: 100,000 POH (25% duty cycle)
Physical Dimensions:
Dimensions (WxHxD): 5.75 x 1.63 x 8 inches
146 x 41.4 x 203 mm
Weight: 1 lb 13 oz
1 kg
Mounting: Horizontal or Vertical
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