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Sony CRX175M/C1 24x10x40x CD-RW

Part# 844608


Sony  CRX175M/C1 24x10x40x CDRW


Sony CRX175M/C1 24x10x40x CD-RW - Overview

Sony advances the state of the art for CD burning with the first CD-RW drive ever to incorporate a Memory Stick™ slot, allowing easy transfers of digital images and other data from Memory Stick media to a CD-R/RW disc. The CRX175M/C1 supports ultra-fast 24X/10X/40X max. performance and can create a full CD in under 4 minutes. Also included is Sony's new Power-Burn™ CD recording management system. Power-Burn technology takes the worry out of CD burning by reducing buffer-underrun and optimizing the burn to the brand and type of CD-R/RW disc used. The CRX175M/C1 comes complete with a generous suite of software tools to help you manage and edit digital pictures and video, listen to and record your own original digital music, and even back up your PC. Works with Windows® 98SE/2000, Windows® Millennium Edition, and soon with the Windows® XP operating system.
  • 24X/10X/40X max powerful performance allows recording of large files to be completed easily and quickly.
  • Memory Stick Media slot allows quick and easy transfer of digital images from you Sony Digital Camera or Sony Digital Camcorder and also the transfer of data files to your CD drive for quick recording.
  • Sony's own Power Burn Technology provides worry free CD recording by eliminating buffer underruns.
  • Equipped with industry standard ATAPI EIDE interface for easy installation.
  • Create data CD ROM, Video CD, Music CD and CD to CD copy with the software bundle included in the kit.
  • Records up to 700 MB of data or 80 minutes of music (depending on type of disc used).
Interface: ATAPI EIDE
Write: 4X, 8X, 10X max. (CD-RW discs)
Write: 4X, 8X, 16X CLV, 16X-24X Z-CLVmax. (CD-R discs)
Read: 40X max. (CD)
Memory Stick Access: Memory Stick media from 8MB to 128MB
Access time: 110 ms (avg. including latency)
Anti-buffer underrun: Power Burn
Buffer: 2 MB
Data Transfer Rate: 6,000 kB/S Mode 1 (40X read max.)
Data Transfer Rate (Memory Stick Media) 760 kB/s-330 kB/s (Write); 1.06MB/s (Read)
System Requirements: Windows 98SE/2000, Windows Me
Software Bundle: B Recorder Gold, B's Clip, MusicMatch Jukebox, VideoImpression, PhotoBase, PhotoStudio, Retrospect Express Back-Up
Warranty: One year limited warranty

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