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TEAC CDW512E 12x10x32 IDE CD-RW Drive

Part # 844701


TEAC CDW512E 12x10x32 IDE CD-RW Drive


What You Get:

  • TEAC CD-W512E internal IDE CD-Rewritable drive
  • Adaptec software suite for Windows 95/98/NT & Windows 2000:
    • Easy CD Creator premastering software
    • Direct CD drag and drop software
    • CD Copier for CD to CD copying
  • One TEAC blank CDR disc
  • One TEAC blank CD-RW disc
  • Interface and audio cables
  • Installation guide

What You Need:

  • IBM PC compatible Pentium II 300MHz or higher
  • 64MB RAM — minimum
  • Windows 95/98/NT or Windows 2000
  • Hard drive with 1GB capacity or larger, 1.2MB/sec. transfer rate or faster, 12ms average access time or less

Create Custom Audio CDs

  • Download and create your own MP3 music CDs
  • Make compilation CDs from your audio CD library
  • Play your custom CDs on any home or car CD player

Make Copies of your Favorite CD

  • Make a copy of your favorite CD application
  • Requires another CD-ROM drive to read the CD

Save Photos for Future Generations

  • Archive images from a digital camera or scanner
  • Save photographs and video clips from the Internet

Share Your Data With Others

  • CD-RW media is perfect for personal data storage
  • CD-R media can be read by standard CD-ROM drives

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