Yamaha CRW-F1ZEN 44x24x44x IDE CD-RW Drive

Part# 844811


Yamaha CRW-F1ZEN 44x24x44x IDE Black CD-RW Drives

Yamaha CRW-F1ZEN 44x24x44x IDE Black CD-RW Drives


Yamaha CRW-F1ZEN 44x24x44x IDE Black CD-RW Drive 

The Yamaha CRW-F1ZE 44x24x44x Black CD-RW Drive records a full CD in under 3 minutes! Yamaha Exclusive Disc T@2 Laser Label System burns graphics and text on any CD. Yamaha SafeBurn Buffer Management System, Mt. Ranier support, Audio Master quality recording system. Full CAV Technology. Plug n Play with full Windows XP support. BLACK color


  • Transfer Rates: 44xWrite/24xReWrite/44xRead
  • Interface: E-IDE (ATAPI)
  • Format: Internal
  • Loading Mechanism: Tray
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Recording Modes: Disc-at-Once, Session-at-Once, Track-at-Once, Packet Writing, Multisession, Audio Master, Mt. Rainier
  • Supported Formats: CD-DA, CD-ROM, CD-ROM XA, CD-I, CD-Digital, CD-Bridge, Audio CD, CD-Extra, Video CD, CD-MRW
  • Full-CAV Recording: Maximizes the quality of CD recording while delivering top speeds to record a full CD in less than 3 minutes
  • DiscT@2™ (Disc Tattoo): Laser labeling system allows burning of text and graphics onto a CD-R disc after the recording process is completed
  • SafeBurn™ Buffer Management System: Triple protection - built-in buffer underrun protection, 8MB buffer, Optimum Write Speed Control™
  • Dynamic Damper System: Reduces vibration and noise
  • Advanced Audio Master-Quality Recording: Yamaha's exclusive audio and data recording using conventional 74, 80, 90, or 99 minnute CD-R discs
  • Mt. Rainier Recording: Allows drag and drop recording to CD-RW discs
  • PurePhase™ Laser System: Anti-glare laser technology
  • CD Text Support: Encode directly onto the disc
  • Flash-ROM: Upgrade your CD Recorder via software
  • Easy Installation: Plug-and-Play, installs in minutes:
  • Bundled Software: Ahead Nero, Ahead Neromix, Aheard INCD, Ahead Nero Wave Editor, Dantz Retrospect Express, Adobe ActiveShare, Adobe PhotoDeluxe, Adobe Photoshop, Roxio Toast 5 Lite (Mac), and MusicMatch Jukebox
  • Bundled Accessories: IDE ribbon
  • Dimensions: 5.8"x1.6"x8"

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