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ASUS DVD-E616 16x DVD-ROM Drive

Asus DVD-E616 16x DVD-ROM Drives, 16x DVD Drives,

Part# 845301

The new ASUS DVD-E616 provides industry-leading specifications with fastest corresponding DVD-ROM transfer rate up to 16X (CD-ROM up to 48X). In addition to the high stability, superior playability, and outstanding performance, ASUS 16x DVD-ROM runs at the forefront with the advanced interface- ATA/100 which speed up the burst transfer rate to match demand for high-end systems. ASUS DVD-E616 leads multimedia enthusiasts to experience the leading-edge playback capacities and audio-visual effects, such as MPEG-2 video, Dolby Digital AC-3 audio, DTS. ASUS 16X DVD-ROM is the most rational choice to experience dynamic multimedia world.

Key Features

Perfect Performance
  • DVD-ROM max. data transfer rate: CAV 21640 KB/s (16X)
  • CD-ROM max. data transfer rate: CAV 7200 KB/s (48X)
  • Enhanced IDE (ATAPI) bus interface supports ATA/100 (99.9 MB/s)
  • Full Playability: accessing all format DVD-ROM/R/RW, DVD+RW and CD-ROM/R/RW discs
  • Built-in ASUS patented DDSS II for excellent vibration and noise control
  • Fast random access time DVD: 105 ms vs. CD:85 ms typical
  • Buffer cache size: 512 KB
  • Built-in AI Auto Speed Adjustment Technology
  • High Speed DAE/ Digital audio extraction
  • Supporting DOS, Windows 95/98/2000/Me/NT/XP, Netware, Linux, OS/2 Warp
  • Compliant with MPC level 2 & 3, PC97, PC98, PC99, PC2000
  • Easy Plug & Play; Emergency manual ejection
  • Vertical/ horizontal mounting available for tray loading mechanism


Data Transfer Rate
Sustained Transfer Rate 16X max:  8640 ~ 21640KB/s (DVD-single layer), 3240 ~ 8115KB/s (DVD-double layer)
48x max:  2880 ~ 7200 KB/s (CD)
Burst Transfer Rate
  • 99.9 MB/s (ATA100)
  • 66.6 MB/s (ATA66)
  • 33.3 MB/s (ATA33)
  • 16.6 MB/s (PIO mode 4 & Multi-word DMA mode 2)
Random Access Time
DVD 105 ms typical
CD 85 ms typical
Rotation Speed
Rotation Speed
  • 9500 rpm (DVD - single layer)
  • 3700 rpm (DVD - double layer)
  • 10000 rpm (CD, CDR)
  • 7100 rpm (CDRW)
  • 2900 - 6600 rpm (CD Audio, Video CD)
  • 3700 - 10000 rpm (MP3)
Data Buffer
Data Buffer 512KB
Interface ATA100, ATA66, ATA33, PIO Mode 4 and Multi-word DMA mode 2
Data Format
Support Format DVD
  • Single or double side / 1 or 2 layer DVD-ROM (DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD-10, DVD-18), DVD-R/RW, DVD Video, DVD+RW
Support Format CD
  • CD-Audio
  • CD-ROM, Mode 1 and Mode 2
  • CD-ROM XA, Mode 2, form 1 and form 2
  • CD-I
  • i-Trax
  • Karaoke CD
  • Photo-CD (Single & Multi-session)
  • Video CD
  • Mixed Mode CD (Audio combined data)
  • CD-Extra
  • CDR/RW
  • CD-Text
  • DVCD
Data/Audio Capacity
DVD 4.7GB (DVD-5); 8.5GB (DVD-9); 9.4GB (DVD-10); 17GB (DVD-18)
CD 656MB (Mode 1); 748MB (Mode 2)
Disc Diameters
Disc Diameters 8cm & 12cm
Mounting Orientation
Mounting Orientation Horizontal & Vertical
Operating System Compatibility DOS 6.xx, Windows 95 / 98 / ME / 2000 / NT / XP, Netware, SCO UNIX, OS/2 Warp, Linux
Temperature Operating 5oC to 45oC
Non-operating -20oC to 60oC
Humidity Operating 20% to 80% (Non-Condensing)
Non-Operating 20% to 90% (Non-Condensing)
MTBF 100,000 Power On hours (POH)
POH Read and Access duty is 20%
Power Requirements
Voltage +5V DC +12V DC
Tolerance 5% 10%
Ripple 150m Vpp 300m Vpp
Rating 900ma 1500ma
Mechanical Specifications
Outer Dimensions Height 1.66"
Width 5.96"
Depth 7.9"
Weight 2.15 lbs

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