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LG GCC4320BI 16x32x10x40x DVD/CD-RW Drive

Part# 847621


LG GCC4320BI 16x32x10x40x DVD/CD-RW Drive


LG GCC4320BI 16x32x10x40x DVD/CD-RW Drive

The LG GCC-4320BI is a rewritable recorder 32x10x40 CD-RW Drive with 16x DVD-ROM reading capability. It comes with ExacLink Buffer underrun protection, high speed media support and standard connection . In addition, it supports Phase II region playback control and is Windows 2000/ME/98/NT compatible.


  • Internal E-IDE DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive- Retail Package
  • 32x Write/10x ReWrite/40x Read CD-RW Drive with 16x DVD-ROM Reading Capability.
  • ExacLink Buffer Underrun Protection Technology and high speed media support.
  • Supports Phase II region playback control and is Windows 2000/ME/98/95/NT compatible.
  • Mounts Vertical or Horizontal, Motorized tray loading.
  • Includes drive, one blank CD-RW disc, two-drive IDE Cable, Audio Cable, Mounting Screws, Manuals for Drive and Software.


Interface: E-IDE/ATAPI
Transfer Rate: Write: CD-RW: 10x ( 1.5MB/sec), 8x, 4x, 2x
CD-R: 32x ( 4.8MB/sec), 24x, 16x, 12x, 8x, 4x
Read : DVD-ROM: 16x (22.16MB/sec) Max.
CD-ROM: 40x ( 6.0 MB/sec) Max.
Burst Rate: 16.67MB/sec (PIO Mode 4)
16.67MB/sec (Multi-DMA Mode 2)
Access Time: DVD-ROM: 120 ms (single layer, typical)
CD-ROM: 100 ms (typical)
Cache Buffer: 2MB including ExacLink Buffer Underrun Protection Technology.
Disc Sizes : Supports Standard CD 12cm and 8cm.
Controls: Front Panel: Stop/Eject, Play/Skip, Disc Access LED, Disc Write LED, Emergency Manual Eject Pinhole, Headphone Volume Control, Headphone Jack.
Rear Panel : Power, EIDE/ATAPI, Mode Jumper, Audio Output, Digital Line Output.
Formats (read): (Read) - CD-ROM, CD-ROM XA, CD-Audio and CD Extra, Mixed Mode, Photo CD, CD-I FMV, Video CD, CD-Text, CD-Plus, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD- Single/Dual, DVD-R, DVD-RW.
(Write) - CD-ROM Mode 1, CD-ROM XA, CD-Audio, Mixed Mode, CD-I, CD-I FMV, Video CD, CD-Plus, CD-Extra.
Write Method: Disc at Once, Session at Once, Track at Once, Variable Packet Writing, Fixed Packet Writing, Multi-Session.
O/S Support: Read/Write: Windows 2000/ME/98/95/NT 4.0+, OS/2 Warp (V3.0).
Read: Solaris V.2.4 or Higher, Linux Slackware v3.1.
Software: PowerDVD, Roxio Easy CD-Creator (Windows 2000/ME/98/95/NT Compatible).
Roxio (Adaptec) Direct CD (Windows 2000/ME/98/95/NT Compatible).
System Requirement: Pentium II 266 or faster, 32MB RAM, 75MB free hard drive space, 19ms Access time hard drive, 5.25" internal bay, PCI/AGP display card supporting DirectDraw 2.0 or above.
MTBF: 120,000 POH
Size: 5.75" w x 1.63" h x 7.91" d.
Weight: 1.98 lbs.
Warranty: One year warranty.


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