Sony CRX300E 48x24x48x/16x CDRW/DVD 
Combo Drive

Part# 847682


Sony CRX300E 48x24x48x/16x CDRW/DVD Combo Drives


Sony CRX300E 48x24x48x/16x CDRW/DVD Combo Drive

Sony brings the best of both worlds together with the new Sony CRX300E CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive. The new Sony CRX300E combines high performance 48X max. CD-R and 24X max. CD-RW burning and 16X max. DVD-ROM reading capabilities into a standard half-height PC compatible drive. CD-R/RW burning is fast and reliable thanks to the built in buffer underrun protection. It is an ideal drive for those who have limited drive bays in their PC but want to add high performance CD burning and DVD-ROM reading to their systems. The Sony CRX300E works with Windows® 98SE/2000, Windows® Millennium Edition, and the Windows® XP Home and Professional operating systems.

Features :

  • Blazing fast 48x max. CD-R burning, creates a full CD-R in about 3 minutes
  • 16x DVD-ROM speed allows for playback of DVD movies
  • Power Burn conformed buffer underrun protection feature for smooth, reliable burns
  • Internal EIDE/ATAPI drive for installation in Microsoft Windows operating system environment
  • New, Bulk Package.
  • Manufacturer warranty.


Read/Write Speed: CD-R Write: 8X, 12X, 16X CLV, 24X ~ 40X P-CAV, 48X CAV (turbo mode) max. 
CD-RW Write: 4X, 8X, 10X, 12X CLV, 16X ~ 24X CAV max.
CD Read: 48X max.
DVD Read Speed: 16X max.
Buffer Memory: 2 MB
Random Access Time: 100 ms
Interface: ATAPI/EIDE
Sustained Transfer Rate (CD-R/RW Discs): 1,200 kB/s (8X CD-R/RW read/write)
1,800 kB/s (12X CD-R/RW read/write)
7,800 kB/s (52X CD-R/RW read/write)
Media and Modes Supported: CD-R, CD-RW, CD-ROM (Mode 1 & Mode 2), CD-ROM XA (form 1 & form 2), CD Audio, Video CD, CD Extra, Multi-Session, Packet Writing, DVD-ROM, VD-Video
Burst Transfer Rate: PIO Mode 4: 16.7 MB/s, Ultra DMA Mode 2: 33.3 MB/s
System Requirements: Intel Pentium II processor 400 Mhz or faster (or equivalent) CPU, 64 MB RAM< 1 GB available hard disk space recommended. Microsoft Windows 98SE, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows 200 Professional, or Windows XP Home/Professional operating systems.

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