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Portable Digital Hard Drive

Portable Digital Hard Drive

This digital hard drive integrates a Motorola™ ColdFire microprocessor, its own OS, a 2.5" hard drive and a rechargeable battery pack into the first truly self-powered, portable hard-drive perfect for digital cameras and additional computer storage.

It also allows the upload and download of multiple file formats to its 3GB, 10GB, or 20GB storage capacity through the unit's two ports: PCMCIA and USB

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Digital Wallet Features:
  • Built-in PC card slot (PCMCIA).
  • *Note: Digital hard drive product includes CompactFlash Type I card adapter.  If using another type of media card (i.e. Sony Memory Stick, IBM Microdrive), the appropriate PC card adapter will be required.
  • Motorola ColdFire MicroProcessor.
  • 2.5" hard drive in 3GB, 10GB and 20GB storage capacities.
  • Up to 2MB/s transfer speed over internal bus and up to 1MB/s over USB connection.
  • 13ms average seek time.
  • Proprietary NiMH rechargeable battery pack.
  • USB interface.
  • Menu-driven user interface utilizing monochrome LCD screen.
System Requirements:
  • Supports PC, Mac, and LINUX:
       -   Microsoft Windows 98/2000/ME
       -   Mac OS 8.6 (USB 1.3.4.)
                  OS 9.0.4 (USB 1.4.2)
                  OS 9.1.1 (USB 1.4.6.)
                  OS 9.1 (USB 1.4.8.)
                  OS 9.2b2 (USB 1.5.2.)
                  OS 10.0.1
    Linux OS.
  • Computer Memory - 200 MHz, 32MB Ram, CD drive, 100MB free disk space for additional software.
  • Ports - USB port
  • Non-PC centric (so you don't need to connect the device to your PC).
  • Portable, mass storage. Upload and download multiple file formats.
Cost Comparison of Storage:

Storage Cost Comparison

Purchasing sufficient portable storage is less expensive with the Digital Hard Drive

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