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Internal Floppy Drives for laptops - Mitsubishi

Internal floppy drives for laptops by Mitsubishi. For other brands of internal floppy drives, click here. If you need external floppy drives, visit the page on external floppy drives

Note: All Mitsubishi Laptop Floppy Drives mentioned on this page are refurbished and come with a 90 day warranty unless stated otherwise.

Current Price and availability information is now provided at

Mitsubishi Model

Compatibility / Information

Part #

Mitsubishi MF357H-453MG   855415
Mitsubishi MF355H-227MG New. 90 days warranty. 855414
Mitsubishi MF355H-324     855413
Mitsubishi MF355H-343MT      855412
Mitsubishi MF355H-343MY      855416
Mitsubishi MF355H-347MN New. 90 days warranty. 855411
Mitsubishi MF355H-348MN New. 90 days warranty. 855410
Mitsubishi MF355H-397MX      855409
Mitsubishi MF355H-498MA      855408
Mitsubishi MF357H-212MG LS-120 120MB drive.   855407
Mitsubishi MF357H-252MG New. LS-120 Super Disk.  855406
Mitsubishi MF357H-262MF LS-120 120MB drive.   855405
Mitsubishi MF357H-263MQ LS-120 120MB drive.  855404
Mitsubishi MF357H-2263MQ      855403
Mitsubishi MF357H-387MTG       855402
Mitsubishi MF357H-2387MTG       855401
Mitsubishi MF357H-2387MW LS-120 120MB Super Disk Drive.For Gateway Solo 9300 Series.  855400

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All of the above Mitsubishi floppy drives are internal floppy drives for laptops / notebooks. If you need external floppy drives, they are in the external floppy drives section. Floppy drives for desktop computers are in a different section - desktop floppy drives.

If you don't know which floppy drive is compatible with your laptop, take out your existing floppy drive and e-mail us its make and model number.  We will try to find an exact match for you.

mitsubishi electric floppy drive, MF355H-343MT, MF355H-343MY