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Internal Floppy Drives for Laptops - Panasonic

Internal floppy drives for laptops by Panasonic. For other brands of internal floppy drives, click here. If you need external floppy drives, visit the page on external floppy drives

Note: All Panasonic Laptop Floppy Drives mentioned on this page are refurbished and come with a 90 day warranty unless stated otherwise.

Current Price and availability information is now provided at

Panasonic Model

Compatibility / Information

Part #

Panasonic JU226A142FC 865511
Panasonic JU226A 03F       865510
Panasonic JU226A 06F Grey Bezel. 865509
Panasonic JU226A 031F New. 90 day warranty. 865508
Panasonic JU226A 032F New. 90 day warranty. 865507
Panasonic JU226A 081F New. 90 day warranty.  865506
Panasonic JU226A 122F       865505
Panasonic JU226A 141F       865504
Panasonic JU226A 142F       865503
Panasonic JU-227A03F       865502
Panasonic JU257      865501
Panasonic JU268A-026C      865500

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All of the above Panasonic floppy drives are internal floppy drives for laptops / notebooks. If you need external floppy drives, they are in the external floppy drives section. Floppy drives for desktop computers are in a different section - desktop floppy drives.

If you don't know which floppy drive is compatible with your laptop, take out your existing floppy drive and e-mail us its make and model number.  We will try to find an exact match for you.

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