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Fujitsu MPG3204AH 20GB IDE Hard Drive

Part # 810277



Fujitsu MPG 3204AH IDE Hard Drive, 7,200min-1 (7,200RPM) desktop hard disk drives, includes multi-platter 20.4GB storage capacities, suitable for high-end desktop PCs and workstations. The new IDE hard drive offers fast data transfer rate of up to 48.6MB/s, industry-leading average seek time of 8.5ms, and a 2MB buffer. This unsurpassed performance enables the drives support SMART (Self-Monitoring Analysis Reporting Technology), which monitors the status of the drives and alerts the user to save important data before problems occur.
  • ATA-5 interface
  • Supporting DMA (transfer rate up to 100MB/s)
  • 8.5ms average seek time
  • 7,200rpm rotational speed
  • Integrated chip
Storage capacity(Formatted)*1 20.4GB
Disks 2
Heads(Read/Write) 4
Track capacity(Formatted) 180,224 to 311,296 bytes
Bytes/sectors 512
Cylinders 19,424
Sectors/track 352 to 608
Seek time (Average) Read 8.5ms Typ./Write 9.5ms Typ.(Fast)
Read 11ms Typ./Write 12ms Typ.(Slow)
Seek time (Full track) Read 16ms Typ./Write 17ms Typ.(Fast)
Read 20ms Typ./Write 21ms Typ.(Slow)
Average latency time 4.17ms
Rotational speed 7,200min-1 {7,200rpm}
Recording density 7,200min-1 {7,200rpm}
Track density 818track/mm {20,800tpi}
Data transfer rate  (To/from media) 29.6 to 60.8MB/s
Data transfer rate  (To/from host) 100MB/s(UDMA mode 5), 66.6MB/s (UDMA mode 4),16.7MB/s (PIO mode 4, DMA mode 2)
Recording code 48/51 EPR4ML
Interface ATA-5
Head Positioning method ROTARY VCM (Embedded Servo)
Start time 8 sec Typ.
Stop time 20 sec Typ.
Buffer size 2MB
Mean time between failures(MTBF) More than 500,000 Power on hours
Mean time to repair(MTTR) Less than 30 minutes
Component life 5 years or 20,000 Power on hours
Error rates  (Unrecoverable errors) 1 per 1015bits read
Error rates  (Seek errors) 1 per 107seeks
Start/stop cycles 50,000 cycles

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