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Fujitsu MPG 3409AT - 40.9GB IDE Hard Drive

Part # 810276



Fujitsu MPG 3409AT - 40.9GB IDE Hard Drive

Fujitsu MPG 3409 AT offers optimum capacity of  40.9GB features 2MB cache buffers. The new drives are ideal for both desktop PC and consumer electronics applications. Featuring the latest Ultra DMA 100 interface, the new hard drive offers industry-leading recording density and best-in-class data transfer rates at 49.9MB/s. These supreme performance enables the drives to cope with today's data-intensive entertainment and business applications. Concerning reliability, the new drives support SMART (Self-Monitoring Analysis Reporting Technology), which monitors the status of the drive and alerts the user to save important data before problems occur. The drives also prevent data corruption thank to CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check), which checks to confirm that data transfer is properly done.

  • ATA-5 interface.
  • Supporting DMA (transfer rate up to 100MB/sec.).
  • 9.5ms average seek time.
  • 5,400 min-1 [5,400rpm] rotation speed.
  • Integrated chip.
Formatted storage capacity 40.9 GB
Disks 2
Heads (read/write) 4
Track capacity (formatted) 225,792 to 408,576 bytes
Bytes per sector 512 bytes
Cylinders 30,784
Sectors per track 441 to 798
Seek time (track to track) Read 1.0;Write 1.2 (Fast/Slow) milliseconds
Seek time (average) Read 9.5;Write10.5 milliseconds (read/write)
Seek time (full track) Read 17;Write 18 milliseconds (read/write)
Average latency time 5.56 milliseconds
Rotational speed 5,400 RPM
Recording density 478,451 bits per inch
Track density 33,000 tracks per inch
Data transfer rate (to/from media) 27.4 to 49.4 MB per second
Data transfer rate (UltraATA) 100 MB per second
Recording code 48/52 EPR4ML
Interface ATA-5
Head positioning method ROTARY VCM (Embedded Servo)
Spindle start time 8 seconds typical
Spindle stop time 20 seconds typical
Data buffer size 2000 KB
Power requirement Voltage 5V 0.5%
Ripple 100 mV P-P
Power requirement Spin up +5V:0.8A,+12V:1.95A maximum
Power requirement Read/write 6.3 W (typical)
Power requirement Idle (ready) 5.5 W (typical)
Power requirement Sleep 0.9 W (typical)
Height 26.1 millimetres
Width 101.6 millimetres
Depth 146.0 millimetres

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