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Maxtor 536DX 4W060H4 60GB IDE Hard Drive

Part# 813519

Maxtor 536DX 4W060H4 60GB IDE Hard Drive


Maxtor 536DX 4W060H4 60GB IDE Hard Drive
Maxtor 536DX 4W060H4 60GB IDE Hard Drive, a high-capacity drives, are designed for fast desktop systems and small workstations. They’re specifically suited to storage-hungry multimedia and Internet applications where high burst and sustained transfer rates are crucial. Their Ultra ATA/100 interface and 2MB SDRAM cache buffer provide data transfer speeds up to 100 megabytes per second. They also have Maxtor Adaptive ATA Control for unsurpassed data integrity and Maxtor Silent Store technology for whisper-quiet acoustic performance. Whether your application is technical, multimedia or Internet-based, the Maxtor 536DX delivers an unbeatable combination of capacity, speed and reliability.
Features and Benefits
  • Maximum Capacity of 60 GB
  • Fast ATA/Enhanced IDE compatible
  • Digital Signal Processor (DSP)-Based Architecture
  • Ultra ATA/100 Data Transfer Rate
  • 2 MB SDRAM Cache Buffer
  • < 12 ms average seek time
  • Supports Ultra DMA Mode 5 for up to 100 MBytes/sec data transfers
  • 2 MB buffer with multi-adaptive cache manager
  • 5400 RPM spin speed
  • 11 ms seek time
  • Zone density and I.D.-less recording
  • Outstanding shock resistance at 300 Gs
  • High durability with 50K contact start/stop cycles
  • Advanced multi-burst on-the-fly Error Correction Code (ECC)
  • Extended data integrity with ECC protected data and fault tolerant servo synchronization fields
  • Supports EPA Energy Star Standards (Green PC Friendly) with ATA powering savings commands
  • Auto park and lock actuator mechanism
  • Low power consumption
  • S.M.A.R.T. Capability

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