Maxtor DiamondMax 16 4A250J0 250GB IDE Hard Drive

Part# 813508


Maxtor DiamondMax 16 4A250J0 250GB IDE Hard Drive


Maxtor DiamondMax 16 4A250J0 250GB IDE Hard Drive

The Maxtor DiamondMax 16 hard disk drive is designed to efficiently meet the need for capacity. With industry-standard capacity points, the DiamondMax 16 confirms Maxtor's leadership position in drive technology. The DiamondMax 16 drive uses advanced, integrated electronics combined with numerous design innovations to achieve a wide range of capacity points, solid reliability, and quiet operation all at very competitive prices. As a result, the DiamondMax 16 is the premier choice for desktop, commercial and consumer electronic high capacity storage needs. Maxtor-developed parallel ATA interfaces have maximum data transfer rates of 133 MB/sec. With this leading-edge interface, end users will experience the fastest parallel ATA data transfer rates available. Maxtor Quiet Drive Technology provides users with superior disk drive acoustics by reducing noise levels and improving sound quality.DiamondMax 16 drives deliver high reliability and data integrity using the Maxtor-developed Shock Protection System (SPS) and Data Protection System (DPS). SPS and DPS give the drive enhanced protection against both operating and non-operating shock to eliminate costly drive returns. These systems deliver high reliability, as shown by the DiamondMax product line's annualized return rate (ARR) of less than 1.0%.


  • Formatted capacity: 250GB
  • Average seek time: ≤12.6 ms
  • Rotational speed: 5400 RPM
  • 2MB cache buffer
  • Parallel Ultra ATA/133 data transfer speeds
  • Quiet Drive Technology
  • Maxtor Data Protection System
  • Maxtor Shock Protection System


Performance Spedicifications
Storage Capacity : 250GB
Rotational Speed: 5400 RPM
Buffer Size : 2MB cache
External Transfer Rate(Mbytes/sec) :  133
Average Seek (msec) : <12.1
Average Latency (msec): 5.56
Drive Configuration
Bytes per Sector/Block :  512
Logical CHS: 16,383/16/63
Reliability Specifications :
Start/Stop Cycles (min) : >50,000
Component Design Line (min) : 5 years
Data Errors (non-recoverable) : <1 per 10E 15 bits read
Annualized Failure Rate (AFR) <1%
Power Requirements
Mode :  5V    12V
Seek (mA) : 628   587
Idle (mA) :  582   224
Standby (mA) : 116   41
Environmental Limits
Acoustics FDB motor  
Idle (sound power: bel) :  2.4
Seek (sound power: bel) : 3.6
Operating (C) :  5 to 60
Non-operating (C) :  -40 to 71
Operating Mechanical Shock 2msec (G) : 60
30Non-operating Mechanical Shock 2msec (G) : 300
Physical Dimensions
Height (max mm) : 26.1
Width (typical mm) : 101.6
Length (max mm) : 146.1
Weight (LB/g) : 1.27/580

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