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Samsung SpinPoint V20400 SV4084H 40GB IDE Hard Drive

Part# 810845

Samsung SpinPoint V20400 SV4084H 40GB IDE Hard Drive


Samsung SpinPoint V20400 SV4084H 40GB IDE Hard Drive

Spacious. Powerful. Quiet. Introducing Samsung's new SPINPOINT™. Samsung's SV20400 series is changing the noisy world of hard disk drives. Imagine watching a movie, listening to music, or surfing the net without hearing your hard disk drive. Our NoiseGuard™ technology, renders our newly expanded 20GB/platter drive virtually silent, enabling you to enjoy your PC or A/V applications in quiet peace. Combined with our patented SSB™(Shock Skin Bumper) and ImpacGuard™ technologies, Samsung's SpinPoint V20400 provides unsurpassed reliability and durability while maintaining a low level of power consumption.

Key Feature

  • 3.5-inch High Performance Hard Drives
  • 20.4GB Capacity per Disk
  • Acoustic Noise Suppression Technology
  • High Speed Digital Signal Processor(DSP) Based Architecture
  • Ultra DMA 66/100 Support
  • 5,400 rpm Spindle Speed
  • 9.0ms Average Seek Time
  • 7 way interleave OTF Error Correction
  • S.M.A.R.T. Compliant
  • SSB™(Shock Skin Bumper)
  • ImpacGuard™
  • NoiseGuard™


Drive Configuration Capacity 40.8 GB
Heads 4
Disks 2
Buffer Size 512 Kbytes
Performance Specification Read Seek Time (typical)  
Track to Track 0.8 ms
Average 9.0 ms
Full Stroke 17 ms
Average Latency 5.56 ms
Rotational Speed 5,400 rpm
Data Transfer Rate  
Media to/from Buffer (max.) 343 Mbits/sec
Buffer to/from Host (max.) 66/100 MBytes/sec
Reliability Specification Non-recoverable
Read Error
1 sector in 10 14 bits
MTBF 500,000 POH
Start/Stop Cycles (Ambient) 50,000
Component Design Life 5 years
(Average Sound Power)
Idle 2.8 Bel
Random Read/Write 3.0 Bel
Power Requirements Voltage +5Vą5%, +12Vą10%
Powerup Current(max.) 500/1850 mA
Seek(Random Seek, 33% Duty) 6.0 W
Read/Write (typical) 4.3 W
Idle (typical) 4.0 W
Standby (typical) 1.0 W
Sleep (typical) 1.0 W
Physical Dimension Height 1 inch
  Width 4 inches
  Depth 5.75 inches
  Weight 1.3 pounds

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