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Seagate Barracuda ATA III  ST340824A IDE Hard Drive Part # 810161

Seagate ST340824a

Seagate Bacuda ATA III  ST340824A IDE Hard Driverra
Seagate’s Barracudaź ATA III disc drives deliver 7,200 RPM and up to 40 Gbytes for mainstream and high-performance desktop applications and ATA RAID. Barracuda ATA III features superior performance, Ultra ATA/100 interface, quiet acoustics, DiscWizard installation tools and Seagate’s comprehensive 3D Defense System. Barracuda ATA III comes with a three year limited warranty.
  • Capacity:          40 GB
  • Speed:              7200 rpm
  • Seek time:         8.9 ms avg
  • Interface:           UltraATA/100
  • 7,200 RPM desktop performance
  • Ultra ATA/100 interface
  • 350 Gs nonoperating shock
  • FDB motor as option
  • 3D Defense System
  • Internal Transfer Rate (max) : 500 Mbits/sec
  • External (I/O) Transfer Rate (max)100 MBytes/sec
  • Avg Formatted Transfer Rate : 30 MBytes/sec
  • Average Seek Time, Read 8.9 msec typical
  • Average Seek Time, Write 9.5 msec typical
  • High performance
  • High performance
  • Toughness
  • Quiet operation
  • Best reliability
  • Best-in-class nonoperating shock
  • 3D Defense System: exclusive disc and data protection
  • Industry's most proven FDB motor

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