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Western Digital WD1000BB IDE Hard Drive

Part# 810985


Western Digital WD1000BB IDE Hard Drive


Western Digital WD1000BB IDE Hard Drive
Physical Specifications :
Formatted Capacity 100,030 MB
Interface 40-pin EIDE
Actuator Type Rotary Voice Coil
Number of Platters 3
Data Surfaces 6
Number of Heads 6
Bytes Per Sector 512
User Sectors Per Drive 195,371,568
Servo Type Embedded
Recording Method Rate 16/17 PRML
ECC Reed Solomon
Head Park Automatic
Performance Specifications :
Average Seek (Read) 8.9 ms average
Average Seek (Write) 10.9ms average
Track to Track Seek 2.0 ms average
Full Stroke Seek 21 ms average
Index Pulse Period 8.3 ms (nominal)
Average Latency 4.2 ms (nominal)
Rotational Speed 7200 RPM (nominal)
Transfer Rate (Buffer to Host) 100 MB/s (Mode 5 Ultra ATA)
66.6 MB/s (Mode 4 Ultra ATA)
33.3 MB/s (Mode 2 Ultra ATA)
16.6 MB/s (Mode 4 PIO)
16.6 MB/s (Mode 2 multi-word DMA)
Transfer Rate (Buffer to Disk) 525 Mbits/s maximum
Interleave 1:1
Buffer Size 2 MB
Error Rate (Non-Recoverable) <1 in 1014 bits read
Spindle Start Time
- From Power-on to Drive Ready1
8.0 s typical, 9s maximum
Spindle Start Time
- From Power-on to Rotational Speed2
6.0 s average
Contact Start/Stop Cycles (CSS) 50,000 minimum

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