Western Digital WD360GD36GB Serial ATA Hard Drive

Part# 810903


Western Digital WD360GD36GB Serial ATA Hard Drive


Western Digital WD360GD36GB Serial ATA Hard Drive

The exploding growth of enterprise data storage puts tremendous pressure on IT managers, who must accommodate ever-greater volume with ever-tighter budgets. This increased need for enterprise storage, coupled with the decline in IT budgets, creates a need for reliable, low-cost solutions. Enter Serial ATA (SATA), a new interface developed with enterprise storage in mind. Some hard drive companies design desktop-class hard drives with the SATA interface, but WD is going one better. To meet the demands of enterprise storage, Western Digital is the only company to combine an enterprise-class hard drive with the SATA interface to meet all the demands of the enterprise environment—reliability, performance, and reduced cost.

A New Breed Of Hard Drive
Serial ATA is poised to replace Parallel SCSI in the mid-range, but only if there's a drive that can meet the performance and reliability requirements of that market. That drive is the WD Raptor! The WD Raptor is a new class of hard drive that matches SCSI performance and reliability and provides simplified connectivity, all at up to 30 percent less cost than Parallel SCSI drives.


  • Built for speed, the WD Raptor has 10,000 RPM rotational disk speed and 5.2 ms average data seek times.
  • Built for reliability, it has a rugged, enterprise-class mechanical platform with high-end bearings and actuator.
  • Built to last, this Enterprise SATA (ESATA) hard drive is made for years of high-performance operation around the clock. MTBF has been calculated at 1.2 million hours.
  • Built for value, WD Raptor is priced up to a third lower than Parallel SCSI enterprise hard drives.


Capacity 36.7 GB
Areal Density 36.7 GB
Model Number WD360GD
Formatted Capacity 37,019 MB
User Sectors Per Drive 72,303,840
Interface Max 1.5 Gb PHY, Serial Interface
Bytes Per Sector 512
Dedicated Landing Zone Yes
Actuator Latch/Auto Park Yes
Data Transfer Rate Buffer to Host: 150 MB/s max
Buffer to Disk: 102 MB/s max
Average Read Seek 5.2 ms (average)
Track-to-track Seek 3 0.7 ms (average)
Full Stroke Read Seek 3 10.2 ms (average)
Average Latency 2.99 ms
Rotational Speed 10,000 RPM
Read Cache Adaptive
Write Cache Yes
Buffer 8 MB
Drive Ready Time 7.0 sec average
Start/Stop Cycles 20,000 min
Error Rate (non-recoverable) < 1 in 1015 bits read
Height 1.028 in. (25.4 mm) max
Length 5.787 in. (147.0 mm) max
Width 4.0 in. (101.6 mm) ± .01 in.
Weight 1.60 lb. (0.73 kg) ± 10%

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