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Fujitsu MHN2200AT 20GB IDE Laptop Hard Drive

Part# 830218

Fujitsu MHN2200AT 20GB IDE Laptop Hard Drive


Fujitsu MHN2200AT 20GB IDE Laptop Hard Drive
Fujitsu MHN2200AT 20GB IDE Laptop Hard Drive encompasses capacity of 20GB, and has a rotation speed 4,200 RPM, 12ms average access time, and a huge 2MB cache to make full advantage of the incredible 30.7MB/s internal transfer rate. Fujitsu's offers a new generation of storage with its new 15GB-per-platter models. This new 2.5-inch mobile drive offers both the capacity and the performance demanded by both traditional notbook PC customers and from new areas, such as industrial applications and consumer electronics.

By supporting the latest Ultra ATA 100 interface, which is fully backward-compatible with Ultra ATA 66 and even Ultra ATA 33, these drives have the performance to be used in the most demanding applications and give the widest possible compatibility.

Key Features
  • Available in 30/20/15/10GB (all 9.5mm z-height)
  • 15GB per platter
  • GMR-Spin Valve Head
  • Cable-Patterned Suspension
  • Ultra-DMA 100 Support (ATA-5)
  • Load Unload function
  • FDB Motor (Optional for 1 platter model)
Storage Capacity (formatted) 20GB
Disks 2
Heads (Read/Write) 3
Track capacity (formatted) 190,464 to 337,920 bytes/track
Bytes/sectors 512
Cylinders 27,840
Sectors/Track 372 to 660
Seek time Track to track 1.5 ms (typ.)
Average 12 ms (typ.)
Maximum 22 ms (typ.)
Average latency time 7.14 ms
Rotational speed 4,200 rpm
Recording density 578,017 BPI
Track density Track density
Data transfer rate To/from media 17.4 to 30.7 MB/s
To/from host 100 MB/s
Recording code 16/17 MEEPRML
Interface ATA-5
Head positioning method ROTARY VCM (Embedded Servo)
Buffer size 2mB

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