Fujitsu MHS2060AT 60GB Laptop Hard Drive

Part# 830228


 Fujitsu MHS2060AT 60GB Laptop Hard Drive


Fujitsu MHS2060AT 60GB Laptop Hard Drive

The Fujitsu MHS2060AT is a low profile 2.5 HDD that incorporates both head load/unload and FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing) technology. With 30GB per platter capacities of 20GB, 30GB, 40GB and 60GB are available all in a super-slim 9.5mm form factor.

The hard drive features the Ultra ATA 100 interface and offer increased performance over previous generations, which, coupled with their ruggedness, small size and low power consumption makes them ideal for a wide variety of applications including; industrial control systems, In-car systems, MP3 players, games machines and video applications as well as Notebook and compact desktop PC systems.


Formatted Storage Capacity 60GB
Form Factor 2.5 inch x 9.5mm
Mounting screws M3
Disks 2
Heads (read/write) 4
Track Capacity (formatted 215, 040 to 415, 744 bytes
Bytes per sector 512 bytes
Cylinders 47,104
Sectors per track 420 to 812
Seek time (track to track) 1.5 typ. milliseconds
Seek time (average) 1.2 typ. milliseconds
Seek time (full track) 22 typ. milliseconds
Average Latency time 7.14 milliseconds
Rotational Speed 4,200 RPM
Recording Density 667, 000 bits per inch
Track Density  79,800 tracks per inch
Data transfer rate (to/from media) 19.4 to 38.1 MB per second
Data transfer rate (DMA mode 2) 16.6 MB per second
Data transfer rate (PIO mode 4) 16.1 MB per second
Data transfer rate (UnltraATA) 100 MB per second
Recording code 48/50 MEEPRML
Interface ATA - 6
Head positioning method Rotary VCM Embedded Servo
Spindle start time 3.5 second typical
Spindle stop time 5 seconds typical
Data buffer size 2048 KB
Power requirement Voltage 5V 0.5%
Height 9.5 mm
Width 70 mm
Depth 100 mm

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