IBM Travelstar 40GNX IC25N040ATCS05 40GB Laptop Hard Drive

Part# 830378


IBM Travelstar 40GNX IC25N040ATCS05 40GB Laptop Hard Drive


IBM Travelstar 40GNX IC25N040ATCS05 40GB Laptop Hard Drive

The IBM Travelstar 40GNX IC25N040ATCS05 40GB 40GB 5400RPM Laptop hard drive uses proven IBM technology such as TrueTrack Servo,IBM Drive Fitness Test ™ (DFT) and Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.),as well as a thermistor,an adaptive control device that helps maintain high per- formance and fast seek times at high environmental temperatures.
IBM also offers enhanced availability features on selected new Travelstar models.These industry-first models increase the hard disk drive ’s available “power-on ” hours for emerging applica- tions with continuous operation.At a read/write or data access rate of up to 50 percent —a typical usage cycle for 24x7 blade server environments —the drives are designed to allow users to leave these drives powered on around- the-clock.


  • 40GB mobile hard drive and the fifth-generation 5,400rpm model in the industry
    IBM Travelstar 40GNX has the industry-leading performance to enable mobile users to work with a new range of emerging storage-intensive applications.
  • Drive Noise Suppression System (DNSS)
    • Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB)motors on all models
    • VCM acoustic dampening

    IBM Travelstar 40GNX incorporates state-of- the-art noise suppression technology for industry- leading quiet operation.
  • Fast Ultra-DMA 100 2.5-inch mobile hard drives
    IBM Travelstar 40GNX features industry- standard high data transfer rates to help ensure ultimate performance.
  • High max areal density of 34Gbits/sq.inch resulting in up to 20GB of capacity per disk
    IBM Travelstar 40GNX maximizes areal density to enable more data storage per disk in standard,compact packages.
  • Industry-leading operating shock rating (200Gs/2ms)for a 2.5-inch mobile hard drive
    IBM Travelstar 40GNX provides exceptional ruggedness to help withstand shock during read/write operations.
  • Antiferromagnetically coupled (AFC)media on all models
    The IBM Travelstar family incorporates AFC “pixie dust ” technology,allowing for higher areal density.


Family/Model Travelstar 40GNX
Model: IC25N040ATCS05
Interface ATA-5
Capacity (GB) 40
Rotational speed (RPM) 5400
Sector size (bytes) 512
Recording zones 16
Data heads 4
Disks 2
Max. areal density (Gbits/sq. inch) 34
Data buffer (KB) 8,192
3 Up to 300 KB out of 2048 KB used for firmware
Latency (average ms) 5.5
Max. Media Transfer Rate (Mbits/sec) 297
Max.Interface Transfer Rate (MB/sec) 100 MB/sec Ultra-DMA mode-5
Seek time (ms) Average (typical): 12
Track to Track (typical): 2.5
Full stroke (typical): 23
Power Requirement: +5 VDC(+/-5%)
Dissipation (typical)
Startup (max peak): 5.0W
Seek (average): 2.6W
Read (average): 2.5W
Write (average): 2.5W
Performance idle (average): 2.0W
Active idle (average): 1.3W
Low power idle (average): 0.85W
Standby (average): 0.25W
Sleep: 0.1W
Power consumption efficiency (watts/GB): 0.021
Dimensions Height(mm): 9.5
Width(mm): 70.0
Depth(mm): 100.0
Weight(g): 102
Operating Ambient temperature: 5 °to 55 °C
Relative humidity (non-condensing): 8%-90%
Maximum wet bulb (non-condensing): 29.4 °C
Shock (half sine wave): 200Gs (2ms)
Vibration (RMS):
     Random (RMS)0.67G (5 -500Hz)
     Swept sine 1G 0-P (5 -500Hz)
Non-operating Ambient temp: -40 °to 65 °C
Relative humidity (non-condensing): 5%-95%
Maximum wet bulb (non-condensing): 40 °C
Shock (half sine wave): 800Gs/1ms
Vibration (random (RMS): 3.01G (5 -500Hz)
Acoustics (A-Weighted Sound Power (Bels)) Idle (typical): 2.5
Op (typical): 3.1
Idle (maximum): 2.7
Op (maximum): 3.

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