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IBM Travelstar 40GN IC25N020ATCS04 20GB Laptop Hard Drive

Part# 830371


IBM Travelstar 40GN IC25N020ATCS04 20GB Laptop Hard Drive


IBM Travelstar 40GN IC25N020ATCS04 20GB Laptop Hard Drive
Formatted Capacity 20 GB
Rotational Speed 4200RPM
Drive Interfaces Ultra EIDE (ATA/100)
Drive Connector Type 44-pin IDE Internal
Average Seek Time 12ms
Form Factor 2.5 Internal (9.5mm)
Cache Memory 2 MB
  • High areal densities. 40GN provides areal densities of up to 34Gbits/, yielding up to 20GB of capacity per disk
  • Fluide Dynamic Bearings. All models contain Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) motor technology for industry-leading idle and operating acoustic performance.
  • Industry-leading operational shock. Travelstar provides industry-leading operational shock rating of up to 200Gs (2ms).
  • Pixie Dust technology. Travelstar leverages latest antiferromagnetically coupled (AFC) media, also known as “pixie dust” allowing for higher areal density.
Data heads 2
Disks 1
Recording zones 16
Sector size (bytes) 512
Max. areal density (Gbits/sq. inch) 34
Data buffer (MB) 2*
*Up to 280KB out of 2048KB used for firmware
Latency (average ms) 7.1
Error rate (nonrecoverable) < 1 per 1.013 bits transferred
Max. Media Transfer Rate (Mbits/sec) 245
Max.Interface Transfer Rate (MB/sec) 100 MB/sec Ultra-DMA mode-5
Seek time (ms) Average (typical): 12
Track to Track (typical): 2.5
Full stroke (typical): 23
Load/unload Cycle 300,000
DFT (Drive Fitness Test) Enabled
Power Requirement: +5 VDC(+/-5%)
Dissipation (typical)
Startup (max peak): 4.7W
Seek (average): 2.3W
Read (average): 2.0W
Write (average): 2.1W
Performance idle (average): 1.85W
Active idle (average): .85W
Low power idle (average): 0.65W
Standby (average): 0.25W
Sleep: 0.1W
Power consumption efficiency (watts/GB): 0.033
Dimensions Height(mm): 9.5
Width(mm): 70.0
Depth(mm): 100.0
Weight(g): 95
Ambient Temperature Operating: 5o-55o
Shock Operating: 200Gs (ms)
Nonoperating: 800Gs/1ms
Accoustics Idle (typical): 2.1 Bels
Operating (typical): 2.7 Bels

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