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fujitsu scsi hard drives

SCSI Hard Drives

Discontinued Models

All hard drives listed below are used/refurbished and come with a 90-day warranty unless stated otherwise.

Fujitsu Model SCSI HDD Specification Capacity Part#


Fujitsu MAF3364LP SCSI Ultra2 LVD 3.5HH 5.5MS 10000RPM 68pin 36.4GB 820210 $349
Fujitsu MAG3182FC SCSI Fiber CH 3.5LP 10000RPM 18.2GB 820211 Call
Fujitsu MAG3182LC SCSI SCA 3.5LP 10000rpm 18.2GB 820212 $625
Fujitsu MAE3182LE SCSI SCA 7200rpm 3.5LP 18.2GB 820213 Call
Fujitsu MAA3182SPN Ultra SCSI Wide 7200RPM, 8ms, 68 pin 18.0GB 820209 Call
Fujitsu M3091SP Ultra Wide SCSI 9.1GB 820208 $670
Fujitsu MAB3091SP Ultra wide SCSI 3.5LP 7.5MS 7200rpm 512K 9.1GB 820214 $605
Fujitsu MAE3091LP SCSI Ultra wide 3.5LP 7MS 7200rpm 68pin 9.1GB 820215 $282
Fujitsu MAG3091LP SCSI Ultra wide 3.5LP 5.5MS 10000rpm 68pin 9.1GB 820216 $416
Fujitsu MAG3091FC SCSI 3.5LP 10000rpm Fiber CH 9.1GB 820217 $458
Fujitsu MAG3091LC SCSI 3.5LP SCA 10000rpm 9.1GB 820218 $416
Fujitsu MAE3091LC SCSI 3.5LP SCA 7200rpm 9.1GB 820219 $282
Fujitsu M2949S Ultra SCSI, 7200 RPM, 10ms 9.0GB 820206 $259
Fujitsu M2949Q Ultra Wide SCSI, 7200 RPM, 10ms 9.0GB 820207 $255
Fujitsu M3045SP Ultra Wide SCSI 4.5GB 820205 $363
Fujitsu M2954S Ultra SCSI 4.4GB 820203 $499
Fujitsu M2954Q Ultra Wide SCSI  68-Pin 4.4GB 820204 $125
Fujitsu M2903SGM SCSI 50-PIN 2.1GB 820200 Call
Fujitsu M2952S Ultra SCSI 2.0GB 820201 $129
Fujitsu M2952W Ultra Wide SCSI 2.0GB 820202 Call
Fujitsu M2694ESA SCSI 50-Pin 1.08GB 820249 $109
Fujitsu M2684SAU SCSI 50-Pin 540MB 820237 $129
Fujitsu M2624SA SCSI 50-Pin 520MB 820220 $149

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