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SCSI Hard Drives

Discontinued SCSI Models

All hard drives listed below are used/refurbished and come with a 90-day warranty unless stated otherwise.

Maxtor Model SCSI HDD Specification Capacity Part#


Maxtor 7000 SCSI MXT
Maxtor 7000 SCSI MXT-1240S SCSI-2 40MB 6300RPM 50-Pin 1.24GB 820524 $89
Maxtor 7000 SCSI MXT-540S SCSI-2 40MB 6300RPM 50-Pin 540MB 820523 $99
Maxtor 7000 SCSI 7XXXSR
Maxtor 7000 SCSI 7345SR 7000 SCSI 3.5LP 345MB 820522 Call
Maxtor 7000 SCSI 7290SR 7000 SCSI 3.5LP 290MB 820521 $159
Maxtor 7000 SCSI 7270SR 7000 SCSI 3.5LP 270MB 820520 Call
Maxtor 7000 SCSI 7245SR 7000 SCSI 3.5LP 245MB 820519 $115
Maxtor 7000 SCSI 7213SR 7000 SCSI 3.5LP 213MB 820518 $125
Maxtor 7000 SCSI 7120SR 7000 SCSI 3.5LP 32-64KB 3524-3703RPM 120MB 820517 $125
Maxtor 7000 SCSI 7080SR 7000 SCSI 3.5LP 32-64KB 3524-3703RPM 80MB 820516 $129
Maxtor 7000 SCSI 7060SR 7000 SCSI 3.5LP 32-64KB 3524-3703RPM 60MB 820515 $145
Maxtor 7000 SCSI 7040SR 7000 SCSI 3.5LP 32-64KB 3524-3703RPM 40MB 820514 $139

All hard drives are new unless stated otherwise

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