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Micropolis SCSI Hard Disk Drives

Discontinued Models

All hard drives listed below are used/refurbished and come with a 90-day warranty unless stated otherwise.




Part #


Micropolis M1991W Ultra Wide SCSI 2. Full Height. 9.0GB 820437 Call

Micropolis M1991S Ultra SCSI 2. 50 Pin. Full Height. 9.0GB 820436 Call

Micropolis M3391AV Audio Visual SCSI, 7.9ms, 7200 RPM 50-Pin. 9.0GB 820435 Call

Micropolis M3391WD Ultra Wide Differential SCSI, 7.9ms, 7200 RPM 80-Pin 9.0GB 820434 Call

Micropolis M3391WS Ultra Wide SCSI, 7.9ms, 7200 RPM 40MB/Sec . 9.0GB 820433 Call

Micropolis M3391NS Ultra SCSI, 7.9ms, 7200 RPM. 9.0GB 820432 Call

Micropolis M3387WS Ultra Wide SCSI. 8.7GB 820431 Call

Micropolis M4345NS Ultra SCSI 50-pin, 7.9ms, 7200 RPM 4.5GB 820430 Call

Micropolis M4345WS Ultra Wide SCSI, 7.9ms, 7200 RPM. 4.5GB 820429 Call

Micropolis 4345 Ultra SCSI-3 3.5LP 50-Pin 4.3GB 820438 $199

Micropolis M3243 SCSI. 4.3GB 820428 Call

Micropolis M4221WAV Ultra Wide SCSI 68 pin. 9.0ms. 2.1GB 820427 Call

Micropolis M4221AV Ultra SCSI 50 pin. 9.0ms. 2.1GB 820426 Call

Micropolis M4221W Wide Differential SCSI 80 pin. 9.0ms. 2.1GB 820425 Call

Micropolis M4221W Ultra Wide SCSI 68 pin. 9.0ms. 2.1GB 820424 Call

Micropolis M4221N Ultra SCSI 50 pin. 9.0ms. 2.1GB 820423 Call

Micropolis M4421 Ultra SCSI 50 pin. 9.0ms. 2.1GB 820422 Call

Micropolis M2217 Ultra SCSI 1.7GB 820421 Call

Micropolis M2112 Fast SCSI 2. 50 Pin. Dimensions 4"W x 6"D x 1.7"H. 1.0GB 820420 $170

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