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Quantum SCSI Hard Drives

Current Models

All hard drives listed below are used/refurbished and come with a 90-day warranty unless stated otherwise.

Quantum Model SCSI HDD Specification Capacity Part#


Quantum Atlas 10K II
QM373400TY-LW (TY73L011) Ultra SCSI 3.5LP, 5.2MS, 10,000RPM, 8MB 68-pin
1.6" height
73.4GB 820768 $465
QM373400TY-SCA (TY73J011) Ultra SCSI 3.5LP, 5.2MS, 10,000RPM, 8MB 80-pin
1.6" height
73.4GB 820769 $355
QM336700TY-LW (TY36L011) Ultra 160 SCSI Wide 4.7MS, 10,000RPM, 8MB 68-pin 36.7GB 820770 Call
QM336700TY-SCA (TY36J011) Ultra 160 SCSI SCA 4.7MS, 10,000RPM, 8MB 80-pin 36.7GB 820771 Call
Quantum Atlas 10K
QM336400TN-LW Ultra 160 SCSI Wide 5.5MS, 10,000RPM, 2MB 68-pin 36.4GB 820757 $275
QM336400TN-SCA Ultra 160 SCSI SCA 5.5MS, 10,000RPM, 2MB 80-pin 36.4GB 820756 $345
Quantum Atlas IV
QM336400KN-LW Ultra 160 SCSI Wide 7.5MS, 7200RPM, 2MB 68-pin 36.4GB 820753 $225
QM336400KN-SCA Ultra 160 SCSI SCA 7.5MS, 7200RPM, 2MB 80-pin 36.4GB 820752 $195
Quantum Atlas V
QM336700XC-LW Ultra 160 SCSI Wide 6.3MS, 7200RPM, 4MB 68-pin 36.7GB 820762 $245
QM336700XC-SCA Ultra 160 SCSI SCA 6.3MS, 7200RPM, 4MB 80-pin 36.7GB 820763 $369

All hard drives are new unless stated otherwise

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