BEx Drive CD-24USB-S

Slim Line USB CD-ROM Drive

Part# 847071


BEx Drive CD-24USB-S USB Slim Line External CD-ROM Drives

External Portable CD-ROM drive that connect to the USB port of your laptop or desktop. USB 2.0. Backward compatible with USB 1.1.

Prime uses:

The BEx Drive is very handy in all of the above situations. It comes USB cable and AC Adapter. Load the driver through the floppy drive, connect the drive to a power outlet and then connect the drive to your laptop or desktop through the USB port and you are in business.

It can draw power from your laptop through the USB port but if you need to conserve your batteries, you can connect the power adapter to a wall outlet. Power adapter is included.

The BEx Drive CD-24USB-S USB Slim Line 
CD-ROM Drive is a 24x speed CD-ROM.

USB 2.0. Backward compatible with USB 1.1.

Supports Windows ME, 2000, XP. 

90 days warranty.

Max Data Transfer Rate(Byte/sec): 24x: 3600K

Color: Silver

Size:5.7"(H) x 5.7"(W) x 0.6"(D)

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BEx Drive CD-24USB-S USB Slim Line External CD-ROM Drives


If  you plan to boot from this drive, make sure your system BIOS supports 'Boot from external USB drive'.

If you are looking for internal cd-rom drives, they are in a different section. Click Here for internal cd-rom drives for laptops.

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