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IBM Portable Drive Bay 2000 with 24x CD-ROM Drive


Part# 847087

IBM Portable Drive Bay 2000 with 24x CD-ROM Drive

The IBM Portable Drive Bay 2000 is designed for maximum flexibility, usability, and connectivity. Offering both convenient USB and fast PCMCIA connectivity, this drive bay can be connected to either desktops or laptops. It can also be connected to the IBM Multi-Port USB Hub.

The IBM Portable Drive Bay 2000 offers tremendous functionality and flexibility. Using the appropriate IDE storage device, this drive bay offers portable and convenient support for: Plug and Play and hot-swapping of Ultrabay 2000 storage devices; CD-ROM-based software installation, multimedia CD-ROM audio playback; DVD movie playback and access to huge databases; hard disk drives (HDDs), SuperDisk (LS-120), and Zip media support; storage and backup of large files and multimedia; connection of Ultrabay 2000 IDE storage devices to other supported laptops (such as the ultraportable ThinkPad 240) and desktops offering investment protection and commonality of storage options; simultaneous operation of another Ultrabay 2000 device (besides the one in the bay) allowing functionality such as copying of CD-ROM data onto CD-RW or CD-R media. The IBM Portable Drive Bay II can be placed in a stand for space-saving vertical mounting of the Ultrabay 2000 CD-ROM, DVD, CD-RW, Zip 250, and HDD drives. The SuperDisk (LS-120) Ultrabay 2000 Drive is only supported inside the IBM Portable Drive Bay II when mounted in the horizontal position.

PCMCIA CONNECTION. When choosing PCMCIA connection of the Portable Drive Bay 2000 to the laptop computer, power for the Portable Drive Bay is obtained primarily via the PC Card port. No power adapter is required. Supplemental power is obtained with the three AA batteries (not included).

USB CONNECTION. When choosing convenient USB connection of the Portable Drive Bay 2000 to the laptop or desktop computer, a power adapter is required to power the drive bay and the inserted IDE storage device. Because of bandwidth limitations of the USB port, published maximum speeds of the appropriate storage device may vary. Also, USB connectivity is only supported on Windows 98 and higher.

Features & Benefits

  • Compact. lightweight, portable Ultrabay 2000 enclosure - For Ultrabay 2000 IDE storage devices
  • Optional stand - For vertical mounting saving valuable desk space
  • USB or PCMCIA connection
  • Audio line out - For CD-ROM audio playback through ThinkPad speakers or headphones
  • Designed for easy slide-in, slide-out installations - Provides convenient USB and fast PCMCIA connectivity of supported IDE storage devices


Restrictions USB connectivity supported only with Windows 98 or higher, Windows NT 4.0 with PCMCIA support may require additional PCMCIA Card Management software (not included) , DVD movie playback using the DVD Ultrabay 2000 Drive inside , Portable Drive Bay 2000 requires: PCMCIA connectivity, Windows 95 or higher, Pentium II 300MHz or faster system processor, DVD software required for DVD playback (not included)

Hardware prerequisites
(System unit)
ThinkPad 240, ThinkPad 390, ThinkPad 560, ThinkPad 570, ThinkPad 600, ThinkPad 770, ThinkPad i Series, ThinkPad A Series, ThinkPad T Series, ThinkPad X20, NetVista X40i, NetVista X40, NetVista S40p, NetVista A40p (6648, 6649), NetVista A40p (6578, 6579), NetVista A20, Aptiva E Series (2178/2198), Aptiva E Series (2193/2194), NetVista A40i (2251), NetVista A40i (2271), NetVista A40 (6830/6831), NetVista A40/p (6840/6841), NetVista A60i, ThinkPad A30p, ThinkPad R30

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