Mitsumi SR244W1 24x Slim-line CD-ROM Drive

Part# 871002


Mitsumi SR244W1 24x Slim-line CD-ROM Drive


Mitsumi SR244W1 24x Slim-line CD-ROM Drive

The Mitsumi SR244W1 is a 24x CD-ROM drive that has an ultra thin design for using notebook and desktop computers (comes with an adapter for standard desktop ATAPI/IDE interface). The CAV method is used to achieve an internal disc data transmission speed of 1,620 KBytes/sec (10.8X) and an external disc data transmission speed of 3,600 KBytes/sec (24X) to make high speed data transmission possible. An enhanced IDE interface (ATAPI Specifications) is used to achieve a high performance drive with a random access time of 100 ms, that supports multisession PHOTO-CDs, and that complies with MPC-3. In addition, a three-stage operation mode control function for active, standby, and sleep is built-in to conserve battery power.


  • IDE (ATAPI) compliant.
  • 10.8X - 24X high performance operation.
  • 100 ms random access time.
  • Support U-DMA and Multi-Block Transfers.
  • Multimedia (MPC-3) compliant.
  • Multisession PHOTO-CD supported.
  • Ultra-thin 12.7mm height design.
  • Long life brushless motor.
  • Mountable horizontally and vertically.
  • 5V single power supply.
  • CD-R and CD-RW supported.
  • Designed for low power comsumption - only 0.1W during sleep.


Disc Format ISO 9660
Data Transfer Rate Mode 1 1620KBtes/s (Disc inner 10.8X Speed)
3600KBytes/s (Disc outer 24X Speed)
Mode 2 1900KBytes/s (Disc inner 11.05X Speed)
4224KBytes/s (Disc outer 24X Speed)
Random access time 100ms (typ.) (F-CAV mode)
Host interface ATAPI / Enhanced IDE Interface
Audio outputs Line output - 0.7Vrms at 10k ohm 1k ohm
Operating mount Horizontal
Power Requirements DC 5V 5%
Dimensions 128 (W) X 129 (D) X 12.7 (H)
Weight 0.7 (kgw)  0.05 (kgw)

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