Que! QPCRW401240UL 40x12x40x USB CD-RW Drive

Part# 847214


Que! QPCRW401240UL 40x12x40x USB CD-RW Drive


Que! QPCRW401240UL 40x12x40x USB CD-RW Drive

QPS QPCRW401240UL 40x /12x /40x CD-RW Drive - USB 2.0 If you need to add an external CD-RW drive to your computer a Firewire solution like the QPS QPCRW401240UL is an optimal choice. With an external solution you have the unique ability to use it on multiple computers. And if you are not computer savvy you don t need to fear the opening of your computer s case. The USB 2.0 capability gives you the added advantage of speed. At 480Mbps you can burn your CDs at the maximum rated speeds instead of being crippled like you would on a USB 1.0 drive.


  • Writes CDs at 40x Speed
  • Re-Writes CDs at 12x Speed
  • Reads CDs at 40x Speed
  • Supports up to 700MB/80Min. blank CDs
  • 4MB Buffer Size
  • Average Access Time 130ms
  • Supports both PC and Macintosh computers
  • Includes Ahead Nero BurningROM for Windows Ahead Nero InCD for Windows Charismac Discribe for Mac OS 9.x & OS X.
  • Includes Ahead Nero BuringROM and InCD. 
  • New, One year warranty.

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