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Yamaha CRW2200UXZ 20x10x40x External USB CD-RW Drive

Part# 847196


Yamaha CRW2200UXZ 20x10x40x External USB CD-RW

Yamaha CRW2200UXZ 20x10x40x External CD-RW - Retail Box


Yamaha CRW2200UXZ 20x10x40x External USB CD-RW Drive
Trust your important data to Yamaha CD-RW recorders. Recordable and ReWritable CDs are ideal for any storage purpose: they hold up to 700MB of data or music, they offer complete security and reliability and they are compatible with 300 million computers worldwide. Yamaha 3-in-1 CD-RW LightSpeed2 are your best choice for creating CDs. With their superior quality, speed, features and bundled software, they have received numerous awards and excellent reviews from every corner of the computer industry.
  • Store data and graphics files with floppy disk ease onto removable media to free up limited and expensive hard disk space.
  • Save photos and videos for instant access/playback, anytime, anywhere.
  • Record your original music on audio CDs for friends or talent agents.
  • Backup and archive information for instant access on the most reliable media.
  • Distribute files worldwide and be confident that anyone can read them.
  • Compile your favorite songs on your own "greatest hits" audio CDs.
Interface USB 2.0 (USB 1.1 compatible)
Format External
Write Seed
Re-Write Speed
Read Speed
Access Speed
Max Data Transfer
Buffer Size 8MB
Safe Burn Protection Yes
Data Capacity 700 MB (80 min. disk)
650 MB (74 min. disk)
550 MB (63 min. disk)
Loading Mechanism Tray
Supported Formats CD-DA, CD-ROM, CD-ROM XA (both Photo CD and Video CD), CD-I, CD-Digital, CD-Bridge, Audio CD, CD-Extra and Video CD.
Recording Modes Disc-at-Once, Session-at-Once, Track-at-Once, Packet Writing (variable and fixed), Multisession
Operating System Windows, Mac
Software Included AheadŽ NeroMIX, AheadŽ Nero 5.5, Ahead InCD, AheadŽ Nero Wave Editor, Ahead Nero Tool Kit.
Warranty One Year Warranty

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