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Yamaha CRW3200UX 24x10x40x External USB CD-RW Drive

Part# 847220


Yamaha CRW3200UXZ 24x10x40x External USB CD-RW Drive

Yamaha CRW3200UXZ 24x10x40x External USB CD-RW Drive


Yamaha CRW3200UXZ 24x10x40x External USB CD-RW Drive

Yamaha's new LightSpeed 3200UXZ CD-RW drive lives up to its name. Featuring a 24x write speed, it burns 74 minutes of music or 650 MB of data to CD-R media in just 3 minutes. Make custom CDs for road trips or burn a business presentation right before you go without having to worry about being late. With a 40x read speed, and an average 130-millisecond access time, this drive is powerful enough to replace your existing CD-ROM. It also writes to CD-RW at 10x (1.5 MBps), and you can reuse a single CD up to 999 times. The LightSpeed has an 8 MB buffer and SafeBurn Buffer Management System to eliminate buffer underrun errors, allowing you to burn CDs while running multiple applications and drastically reducing the chance of an unusable "coaster" CD being created. Additional features include Audio Master technology, which improves audio and music recording quality by reducing jitter levels by up to 30 percent. True drag-and-drop CD rewriting is also supported for convenient file backup and storage. The CRW3200UXZ is a plug-and-play drive for quick installation and setup. Ahead Nero 5.5 CD recording software is included for fast and powerful creation of your own data, video, and music CDs. 


Interface USB 2.0
Data Capacity 650MB (74 min), 700MB (79 min)
Burst Transfer Rate 33.3MB/s (Ultra DMA mode 2)
Writing Speed CD-R 1x , 2x, 4x, 8x, 12x, (CLV), 16x, 18-24x ([artial CAV)
Writing Speed CD-RW 2x, 4x, 8x, 10x (CLV), 10x (4x - 10x Full CAV), 12x (New Disc Format)
SafeBurn Buffer Management System
Reading Speed 40x (max) Full CAV
Data Buffer Size 8MB (3224 sectors)
Average Random Access Time 130 msec. (reading)
Disc Loading Type Front auto-loading tray loading
Writing Methods Disc-at -Once, Session-at-Once, Track-at-Once, Packet Writing
Writing Formats CD-DA, CD TEXT, CD-ROM, CD-ROM XA, Photo CD, Video CD, CD-I, CD EXTRA, CD-MRW, Audio Master
Audio Master mode Linear Velocity: 1.4m/s
63 min. (650MB disc)
68 min. (700MB disc)
Power Supply 100-120 VAC + - 10%, 220-240 VAC + -10%
Weight 3.3lbs.
Software Ahead: Nero 5.5, InCD, NeroMIX, Nero Wave Editor, Nero Toolkit, Dantz Retrospect Express, Adobe PhotoShop Deluxe 4.0,
Condition Refurbished, 90-day warranty.
System Requirements PC/AT- compatible computer
CPU Pentium II - class or higher, 300MHz or faster
RAM RAM 32MB memory (64MB or more recommended, 128MB for XP)
Requirements USB 2.0 or USB 1.1 Port
Windows OS Windows 98. Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, WIndows XP

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