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External CD-ROM Drives

    External CD-ROM Drive
  • SCSI
    External CD-ROM Drive


BEx Drive CD-24USB-S 24x USB External CD-ROM Drives

BEx Drive CD-16P 16x PCMCIA External CD-ROM

BEx Drive CD-24USB-S
24x USB External CD-ROM Drive
847071  $125

BEx Drive CD-16P
16x Printer Port External CD-ROM
Part# 847024  $99

The external cd-rom drives that connect to the printer port work for both desktop and laptop computers. Likewise, the USB based external cdrom drives work for both laptops and desktops as long as you have a USB port on your computer. The PCMCIA based external cd-rom drives are primarily for laptops. If you need internal cd-rom drives for laptops, they are in a separate section called internal cd-rom drives for laptops.

If we don't have the external cdrom drive that you need, e-mail us and we will try to get it for you.

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