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JMTek's USBDrives (Driverless)


JMTek's USBDrive (Driverless) - USB Drives, USB ThumbDrives, USB Flash Drives

JMTek's USBDrive (Driverless) - USB Drives, USB ThumbDrives, USB Flash Drives


USBDrive (Driverless)

The USBDrive™ is an exciting advancement in the personal data storage market. Due to its tiny size, large capacities, and use of the USB port, the USBDrive™ revolutionizes the way people deal with large volumes of data. The device is roughly the size of a car key and allows the user to transport their digital assets securely and quickly. No longer is a user challenged by lengthy installs, slow transfer speeds, or compatibility issues. With a USBDrive™, a user can quickly synchronize vital personal digital assets between school, work, or home without hassle.

Accessories: (included w/ purchase)

USB extension cable (40 inches, 100cm), quick guide, keychain, and neck strap.

Product Specifications:

PC system with USB ports

IBM PC / AT & Notebook & Sub-Notebook

Operating System *Win98SE, Me, 2000, XP / Mac OS 9 ~ 10.1 / Linux 2.4.17
Memory 16MB / 32MB / 64MB / 128MB / 256MB / 512MB / 1GB / 2GB
Interface USB Specification 1.1
Data Retention Up to 10 Years
Suspend Current <300uA, compliant to USB spec. of <500uA
Write Protection By writing protection switch
Operating Current <40mA
Dual LED built-in
(Green & Red)
Led Green: USBDrive™ connected and enumerated
Led Red: Data receiving or transmitting
Data Reading/Writing speed Over 1MB/sec. - 800Kbytes/sec
Storage Temperature -20C - 80C
Operating Temperature 0 C - 45C
Relative Humidity under storage 5% - 95%
Dimension (L x W x H) (16MB-256MB)
67mm w/cap x 20mm x 9mm
60mm w/o cap x 20mm x 9mm
90mm w/cap x 21mm x 13mm
85mm w/o cap x 20mm x 13mm
Weight 1 ounce
EMI Compliance FCC, CE, EMI, EMS
Power Supply USB bus-powered (2.7V - 3.3V)

Available Models & Capacities

JMTek's  UD-1GB USBDrive 1 GB   Part#  864405
JMTek's  UD-512 USBDrive 512 MB   Part#  864404
JMTek's  UD-256 USBDrive 256 MB   Part#  864403
JMTek's  UD-128 USBDrive 128 MB   Part#  864402
JMTek's  UD-64 USBDrive 64 MB   Part#  864401
JMTek's  UD-32 USBDrive 32 MB   Part#  864400

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