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Wireless / Cordless Headphones



  Part # Price

KOSS JR-900 KOSS JR-900 Provides cordless listening from your stereo, video or computer sound source. Frequency Response: 20-20,000 Hz. 551102 $504

KOSS JR-50 KOSS JR-50 Cordless headphone for your stereo, video or computer sound source. Transmits through walls or ceilings. Includes RF stereophone, transmitter and AC power adapter. 551103 Coming Soon!

Arkon SC2600

Arkon SC2600 Arkon's cordless infrared headphone system lets you enjoy TV or music as loud as you like without disturbing others in the room.  551101 $80

Arkon SC2601 Arkon SC2601

Use with SC2600 Infrared Cordless Stereo Headphone System. Additional headsets provide enjoyment for additional family members. 

551105 $56

Sony MDR-RF975RK Sony MDR-RF975RK Sony's MDR-RF975RK 900 MHz RF Wireless Headphone System lets you move inside and outside your house and still enjoy music and TV sound, and lets you turn up the volume late at night without disturbing others. 551106 $270

Sony MDR-IF630RK Sony MDR-IF630RK Cordless Headphones using Infrared Signal has extended range, up to 33 feet (10m) direct distance from the transmitter and offers full listening enjoyment throughout the room or listening area. 551107 $234 Main Page Click for Microphones
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