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New Laptops
Used Laptops

Memory for Notebooks:

Memory (RAM) for laptop / notebook computers

Connectivity Devices for Notebooks:

Modems for laptop / notebooks 
(56K, 33.6K, LAN & Modem combo cards)
Laptop to Cellular Phone connectivity

Drives for laptops:

Hard Drives - 2.5" for laptops / notebooks
Internal floppy drives
External floppy drives
Internal cd-rom drives
External cd-rom drives
Internal dvd drives
External dvd drives

Laptop Batteries, Accessories / Peripherals
Add on Cards - Sound, Video, ...
Laptop  / Notebook Accessories
(docking stations, keyboards, GPS/directional devices, USB)
Laptop / Notebook Batteries (Li-Ion, NiMH, NiCd)
Chargers for laptop / notebook batteries
Notebook  / Laptop AC Adapters
Car cords -auto adapters / cigarette lighter adapters
Air adapters for laptops / notebooks
Luggage, Security and Laptop cases
(leather, nylon and aluminum)
Laptop / Notebook Speakers
Power Accessories for laptops / notebooks
Pre-Owned and Refurbished Equipment
Software for laptops / notebooks


ibm leather case for laptops / notebooks IBM Leather case for laptopscase
Part# 911505
Price: $35
3com 3cxm756 pcmcia modem for laptops 3COM 56K PC Card modem for laptops

Part# 710294
Price: $35

external cdrom drive for laptops 20xSpeed Laptop CDROM drive. External PCMCIA. 
Part# 847002
Price: $155
modem and lan card combo Xircom PCMCIA modem and LAN card combo
Part# 710724
Price: $60
External hard drivesfor laptops
Part# 832204
Price: $189 and up
80 laptop hard drive 80GB hard drive for laptops
Part# 830381
Price: $230
Laptop CDROM to Desktop Conversion
Part# 630150
Our Price: $25
80 laptop hard drive 40GB hard drive for laptops
Part# 830408
Price: $126
firewire card for laptops pcmcia card with 2 firewire ports FireWire ports for your laptop
Part# 530045
Price: $59
laptop speakers Laptop Speakers for improved sound
Part# 552000
Price: NA
pcmcia network card Netgear FA410 PCMCIA LAN card
Part# 723400
Price: $17
 pcmcia network card Netgear FA510CR PCMCIA LAN card dual speed
Part# 723404
Price: $35
  Netgear MA101 Wireless USB adapter. Refurbished Part# 770200
Price: $65
netgear wireless pc card  Netgear MA401 wireless PC Card. Refurbished Part# 770202
Price: $60

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