3COM Megahertz 56K modem. Cellular Ready. PCMCIA for laptops

Model 3CCM556

PCMCIA PC card modem for laptops. 56Kbps. Includes cable that connects the modem to the telephone jack. Just slide the modem into your laptop's PCMCIA slot, insert the other end of the cable into your telephone jack and you are ready to surf the web or send faxes.

This modem is also cellular ready. That is, if you have a cell phone, you can connect it to your modem with the help of a connecting cable and use your cell phone to browse the internet, check e-mail etc. The cellular cable is an optional item and does not come with the modem. If you need the cell phone connectivity cable, let us know the make and model of your cell phone and we will check availability.

Condition: Refurbished. 90 day warranty.
Suggested Retail Price: $249