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AC Adapters for Laptops / Notebooks
All Adapters listed have a 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Click here to view a selection of pre-owned adapters for various products

Acer Canon Hewlett Packard Midwest Micro Texas Instruments
Ambra Compaq Hitachi NEC Tiger
AMS CompuAdd IBM Olivetti Toshiba
Apple CTX Infotel Panasonic Twinhead
ARM DEC (Digital) Key Data Sager Ultra
AST Dell Kiwi Samsung Umax
Asus Epson Magitronic Sharp US Logic
AT&T Fujitsu MetroBook Sony Winbook
Austin Gateway 2000 Micron Tandy Zenith

If your laptop/notebook is not listed here, E-mail us the make and model of your laptop/notebook and the AC adapter you need. We will try to find it for you.