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CTX Laptop/Notebook Batteries

CTX Laptop Model Number

Part #


EZ Book 300, 330F, 330S, 330T, 350D,350F, 350T, 350 (NiMH) 610136 $139
EZ Book 360F, 360S, 360T, 364D, 364F, 364T,  360D (NiMH) 610136 $139
EZ Book 372D, 372T, 374D, 374T, 377D, 377T, 390T (NiMH) 610136 $139
EZ Book 400, 400T,500, 500T Series (NiMH) 610135 $139
CTX EZ Book 700, 700C Series, 700M Series (NiMH) 610136 $139
CTX EZ Book  720CS, 722CS, 725C (NiMH) 610136 $139
CTX EZ Book 730CS, 730CDT (NiMH) 610136 $139
CTX EZ Book 750CS, 750CDT, 750MS, 750MT (NiMH) 610136 $139
CTX EZ Book 760MS, 760MT, 764MS, 764MT (NiMH) 610136 $139
CTX EZ Book 770MS, 770MT, 772MS, 772MT, 774MS, 774MT, 777MS, 777MT (NiMH) 610136 $139
CTX EZ Book 700 E Series 73HT, 74AT, 7P233-2, 7PJ266, 7PJ200-1, 7PJ200-2, 7PJ200-3 (NiMH) 610137 $139
CTX EZ Book 700 G series, 700 V series  NiMH (rebuild only) click here for details 610138 $139
CTX EZ Book 720CBS 610139 $139
CTX EZ Book 770MS, 770MT, 772MS, 772MT (NiMH) 610140 $139
CTX EZ Book 800 series (NiMH) (dumb) 610141 $119
CTX EZ Book 800 series, FB21233, FB31266  (NiMH) (smart) 610142 $159
CTZ EZ Book FA31266, FA41300 (Li-Ion) 610453 $209
CTX Bravo series 610143 $139

If you are not sure which model is your CTX, right click on the 'My Computer' icon on your screen, go to properties, left click on properties and it will show you what you have.

CTX battery compartment is in the front portion of the right side.  However, battery pack can be installed on either the left or the right side of your computer.   With the battery installed on the left side, it occupied the space of the floppy disk drive.  If it is installed on the right side, it replaces the CD-Rom drive.  

If your battery is not listed, let us know the:

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Contact Us with the answer to the above, and we will quote you a price on a battery that is compatible with your system.

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