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Margi DVD-to-GO

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The first high performance ZV-compliant Type II PCMCIA card, delivers broadcast
quality video with Digital Surround Sound, for the mobile professional.

Flexible Applications for the Mobile Professional:
    - Business Presentations
    - Interactive Marketing
    - Computer-based Training
    - Sales Force Automation
    - Home Theater DVD Presentations/Movies

Advanced Application and Technical Features:
DVD-to-Go offers application and technical features that distinguish it from other
multimedia competitors:
    1. Decodes High Quality DVD encoded MPEG-2 video, Dolby Digital(AC 3) audio
and CSS encrypted media.
    2. Video is displayed in full-color at full screen and with full motion (30 frames per
second). Digital Surround-Sound is fully synchronized with the video for seamless
    3. Higher video throughput with up to 20 Mbits/sec of sustained video streaming for
smooth video playback.
    4. Multitasking capability, allowing users to create and use multiple applications on the
screen, such as a spreadsheet with a video application.
    5. Hot Plug-and-Play functionality, allowing users to remove and re-insert the card,
without closing the application.

Unique Product Characteristics:

In Plain English:

If you have a laptop that has an internal CD-ROM drive, you can take the CD-ROM drive out and replace it with a DVD ROM drive provided you find one that fits your enclosure. However; it still will not run because you do not have a decoder card. That is where this Margi DVD-To-Go card comes in to play. You insert this in your PCMCIA port and this card acts as the decoder card. Now you can watch your DVD movies etc.