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V.90 56K Cardbus Data/Fax Modem


Part # 710843. N.A.


- 5.0mm (Credit Card Size) Cardbus Notebook Modem. PCMCIA.
- Cardbus Standard 68-pin Connector to PC
- Lucent Chipset
- 4-pin Flat Connector to Phone Line
- Up to 33.6Kbps Transmit & 56Kbps Receive
- 14.4Kbps Fax Send & Recevie
- Up to 115,200 Throughput with DTE Conversion
- V.42bis/MNP 5 Data Compression
- V.42MNP 4 Error Correction

- Includes: PC Card Modem, CD-ROM (User Manual, Device Drivers, Communication Software), Installation Guide, RJ-11 Cable & Adapter.

System Requirement:

- Notebook PC with Pentium class CPU or above

- PC card 95 (CardBus) or later Type II socket

- At least 4MB RAM

- Windows 95/98

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