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Hayes Optima 336 PC Card

hayes optima 336 pc card

hayes optima 336 pc card connection view
Your office is where you rest your laptop computer. Portability and reliability are necessary qualities in your office equipment. Hayes credit-card sized OPTIMA PC Card modems with a cable offering the ultimate in portability and reliability for laptop computer users. Transfer files up to 230,400 bit/s, over a megabyte a minute.

Hayes OPTIMA PC Cards

Transfer files lightning fast, over a megabyte a minute. Connect directly to a standard phone line with EZjack pop-out connector. Auto-idle mode extends PC battery life. Includes data/FAX communications software. Count on Hayes reliability and experienced technical support.

Features and Specifications
Hayes OPTIMA PC Card Modems - provide features that can help you get the most out of your modem communications.

Lightning Fast - With implementation of 8x throughput using a unique data compression algorithm, the 336 modem can transfer files up to 230,400 bit/s.

Reliable - Advanced engineering and quality tested. Auto- idle mode extends PC battery life.

Flash Memory - Allows for fast and easy feature upgrades.

Power Smart - Conserve PC battery life with power smart auto-idle mode.

Advanced Features

  • An onboard enhanced UART allows for maximum throughput during high-speed transmissions
  • Hot Swapping allows users to insert and remove the modem without having to reboot
  • Flash memory makes it easy to upgrade modem features
  • Credit-Card "bong" tone detection

Everything You Need Is Included
Hayes OPTIMA PC Card modems come with everything you need to get online quickly:

  • Data and FAX communications software
  • Money-saving online communications service offers
  • Phone cable

Communications Standards

  • Hayes Improved Escape Sequence with Guard Time
  • Hayes Standard AT Command Set
  • Supports PCMCIA 2.0 and 2.1
  • Fits Type II, Type III, and Toshiba 16mm slots


  • Class 1 and Class 2 FAX
  • ITU-T V.17 (FAX 14400 bit/s)
  • ITU-T V.29 (FAX 9600 bit/s)
  • ITU-T V.27ter (FAX 4800 bit/s)


  • ITU-T V.34 (33,600/28,800 bit/s)
  • ITU-T V.32bis (14400/12000/7200 bit/s)
  • ITU-T V.32 (9600/4800 bit/s)
  • ITU-T V.22bis (2400 bit/s)
  • ITU-T V.22 (1200 bit/s)
  • ITU-T V.21 (300 bit/s)
  • Industry Standard 212A (1200 bit/s)
  • Industry Standard 103 (300 bit/s)


Error Control -
  • ITU-T V.42
  • MNP 2-4

Data Compression -

  • ITU-T V.42bis (data compression)
  • MNP5 (data compression)

Additional Features -

  • DTE (computer to modem) rates up to 230,400 bit/s
  • Six online-help screens in ROM memory
  • Analog and digital diagnostics
  • Automatic adaptive equalization
  • Power on self-test includes flash memory, RAM and NVRAM
  • Auto dial/answer
  • Power Smart Auto-Idle mode
  • Pulse or touch-tone dialing
  • Full duplex operation


Physical Specifications

  • Interface: RJ-11, PCMCIA Release 2.0 and 2.1 Type II
  • Dimensions: (L) 3.37" x (H) 2.13" x (W) 0.2"
  • Environmental:

      Operating temperature: 0 to 55 C
      Storage temperature: -20 to 65 C
      Humidity: 0% to 95% (non-condensing)


Modem Specifications

  • Receive sensitivity: - 43dbm
  • Transmit Level: - 10 dBm
  • Memory: 64K Flash / 128K RAM
  • Memory Allocation: D000 to D100 by default
  • Operational Voltage Requirements: 250mA @ 5VDC, Idle = 5mA @ 5VDC
  • Maximum Dictionary Size = 6K
  • Max String Length = 32
  • Max DTE Rate = 230,400 bit/s
  • System Requirements:

      IBM PC or compatible with
      PCMCIA Release 2.0 or 2.1 and a Type II, Type III or Toshiba 16mm slot (Software requires a hard drive)

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