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NEC Laptop Memory

       All prices are subject to change on a daily basis.*

Laptop Model DESCRIPTION Our Part # OEM Part # PRICE
Ready 120LT 64MB SDRAM Memory Module 517000-N12064 N/A N/A
128MB SDRAM Memory Module 517000-N120128 N/A N/A
Versa 2000, 2000D, 2200C, 2205C, 550D, S 16MB Memory Module 517000-OP-410-1203 OP-410-1203 $34
Ready 220T, 230T, 330T, 340T, 440T 16MB SDRAM Module 517000-N33016 N/A N/A
32MB SDRAM Module 517000-N33032 N/A N/A
64MB SDRAM Module 517000-N33064 N/A $140
Ready 230T, 340T, 440T 128MB SDRAM Module 517000-N440128 N/A $266
Versa 4000, 4000D, 4050, 4050H, 4080H, 4200, 4230, M, P 32MB Credit Card (3.3 Volt) 517000-OP-410-4004 OP-410-4004 $108
Versa 6200MX, 6200NT, 6220, 6230, 6260, 6265 16MB Memory Module 517000-OP-410-62502 OP-410-62502 N/A
32MB Memory Module 517000-OP-410-62503 OP-410-62503 $35
64MB Memory Module 517000-OP-410-62504 OP-410-62504 $53
Versa 2400, 2405, 2430, 2435, 2530 8MB EDO Memory Module 517000-OP-410-65002 OP-410-65002 N/A
16MB EDO Memory Module 517000-OP-410-65003 OP-410-65003 N/A
Versa 2630CD, 2650CD, 2650CDT, 2655CD, 2655CDT 32MB Upgrade Kit 517000-OP-410-66003 OP-410-66003 N/A
64MB Upgrade Kit 517000-OP-410-66004 OP-410-66004 $61
Versa 2730M, 2730MT, 2760MT, 2780 32MB Memory Module 517000-OP-410-68002 OP-410-68002 $35
Versa LX VL210, LX VL330, LX VL440, SX VS330
SX VS440, VL450
Versa Note VN210, VN230
32MB SDRAM module 517000-OP-410-69001 OP-410-69001 $26
64MB SDRAM module 517000-OP-410-69002 OP-410-69002 $31
128MB SDRAM module 517000-OP-410-69003 OP-410-69003 $46

* We try to keep the laptop/notebook memory pages as accurate as possible but prices in the memory industry can be very volatile at times and often change on a daily basis.  All laptop/notebook memory orders may be subject to price verification before shipment.  If your order is affected by a price change, you will be contacted and given the option to approve the new price or cancel the order.

If your laptop's memory is not listed, E-mail us the make and model number of your laptop and we will try to find it for you.