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33.6K & 28.8L Laptop Modems / Notebook Modems

These are discontinued modems. For availability and price, email us and we will see if we have any left.

The term PC Card modems and PCMCIA modems are used synonymously

Make & Model Modem Description Speed Part #
Apollo FM336 33.6Kbps PCMCIA modem for laptops. Data/Fax PC card modem. 33.6K 710849
3COM Megahertz 3C562D/3C563D 33.6K Data/Fax Modem with built-in Ethernet 10 Base-T + Coax 33.6K 710824
MultiMobile 3400 PCCARD MULTIMOBILE 3400 PCMCIA 33.6K/14.4kbps Data/Fax Modem. 33.6K  710899
Hayes Optima 288.
534 PAM
28.8 Kbps PCMCIA modem with EZ Jack technology. The EZjack technology is very handy. When you are ready to use the modem, press the connector jack on the modem and it pops out. You can then insert any household telephone cable and you are up and running. When you are done, slide back the connector. You don't have to worry about loosing your modem cable. Just don't loose your modem.  Refurbished. 90 day warranty. 28.8K 710855
Hayes Optima 336 PC Card Your office is where you rest your laptop computer. Portability and reliability are necessary qualities in your office equipment. Hayes credit-card sized OPTIMA PC Card modems with either the a cable offering the ultimate in portability and reliability for laptop computer users. Transfer files up to 230,400 bit/s, over a megabyte a minute. New: 90 Day warranty. 33.6K 710857
Megahertz XJ2288 Megahertx XJ2288 PCMCIA 28.8/14.4kbps Data/Fax Modem with XJack Modem   Includes RJ4-7 cable 28.8K 710844
Megahertz XJ4288 Megahertx XJ4288 PCMCIA 28.8/14.4kbps Data/Fax Modem with XJack Modem   Cellular ready (does not include cellular cable) Includes RJ4-7 cable 28.8K 710848

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If you are looking for a Modem that is not listed on our web site, e-mail us and we will try to find it for you.

33.6Kbps pcmcia modem for laptops, notebook modems