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Creative Labs Modem Blaster PCMCIA DI5615

Part # 720853

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creative pcmcia modem di561

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The Modem Blaster® V.90 PCMCIA mobile solution combines speed and reliability to maximize laptop performance. The on-board controller reduces CPU usage during simultaneous download and uploads, which automatically eliminates laptop performance reduction and allows you to process commands and handle error correction and data compression. The Modem Blaster® V.90 PCMCIA is easy to install and offers convenient Hot Swap support so you can insert the PCMCIA card and connect anytime during system operation. It is also upgradeable to newer versions of the V.90 protocol for optimum connection speed. Whether it is business or pleasure, the Modem Blaster® V.90 is the safe way to travel.

Features & Performance

  • The Modem Blaster® V.90 PCMCIA is a feature-rich solution designed to maximize your online entertainment and communication needs
  • Supports V.90 (ITU 56K) and K56flex standards
  • Windows® 95/98 Plug and Play: Simple installation with automatic detection and configuration
  • "Hot Swap" function allows you to insert Modem Blaster® PCMCIA while the power is on.
  • Video Conferencing (V.80) capable: Simply add a camera and software for affordable video conferencing. (H.323 and H.324 compliant)
  • Compatible with Windows® 95/98 and Windows® NT 4.0
  • This product is protected by a three (3) year limited hardware warranty.
Data Rate Compatibility 56Kbps (Due to line conditions and FCC regulations, your rate may be different. Current FCC regulations limit download speeds to 53Kbps Maximum.) V.90 and K56flex ,ITU-T V.34bis ITU V.32bis/V.32/V.22bis/V.22/V.21/V.23 (14,400/12,000/9,600/7,200/4,800/2,400/1,200/300/75 bps),Bell 212A/103 (1,200/300bps)

Interface Data: PCMCIA 2.1 Type II Line Interface: Modular line connector

Video ConferencingV.80 (H.323 and H.324)

Dialing Capability Dialing Methods: Tone/Pulse Dialing


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