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A modem for all situations

For home, for office PBX, for Cell phone access

modem to cell phone cable

trumpcard modem

You have a laptop and you want to connect to the internet. What do you do? If you have a PCMCIA modem, you connect the cable to the telephone outlet at home and you are in business. The Trumpcard will do that. But what if you are at work where you have telephone switchboxes (PBX). Just insert the modem connector into your telephone headset cable connector and the Trumpcard will connect you to your ISP. What if you are in your car and want to download your e-mail or check something quickly on the Internet. The Trumpcard will connect to your Nokia or Motorola cell phone and dial out.

As you can see, the Trumpcard is your all in one solution for laptop modem connectivity.

The Trumpcard allows you to connect to both V.90 and K56Flex modem easier.  No flash upgrade required. Trumpcard is able to automatically detect what standard the host modem is using and configure itself. If your ISP does not support V.90, the modem will make a K56Flex connection instead.  Trumpcard supports both data and fax modes.  Cellular connection kit is included. 

Trumpcard competitive features:

Trumpcard accessories:

Trumpcard - 56K Data / Fax Modem packaged with an AMPS cellular connection kit is available now!!!  

  Part number : 602108 - Nokia 5100 / 6100 AMPS series
Part number : 602109 - Motorola Startac AMPS series

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